GILBERT (3 ON YOUR SIDE) -- Rebecca Thompson is a single mom who likes to spend her spare time watching TV with her kids.

"They watch their programs and I watch my programs,” she told 3 On Your Side. “If a good movie comes on, we'll all watch it together."

Thompson pays CenturyLink to provide her with cable and internet service. But, last year Thompson canceled her cable because she said her monthly bill was just too unpredictable, fluctuating for no apparent reason.

"Sometimes it was $168. $135. Like $128. It even went up to $187 one time,” she said.

To decrease her bill, Thompson kept her CenturyLink internet service but canceled the cable portion. CenturyLink then sent Thompson a cardboard box with a shipping label so she could send all the cable equipment back to the company.

And she did.

"I taped it. I labeled it. I even put something like 'Thank you' that I wrote on the box,” she said.

For the past year, however, CenturyLink has been sending Thompson bills for the equipment. The company claims it never received the box and says she needs to pay $480 for the missing items.

"I don't know where it's at. It might be in a warehouse or something in a dusty corner," Thompson said.

CenturyLink kept sending her bills for the missing equipment. She said the stress she says started taking a toll.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and asked CenturyLink to investigate. The company did and even located the missing equipment.

As a result, CenturyLink says Thompson won't be getting any more $480 bills for that missing equipment.

Thompson says it only happened with the help of 3 On Your Side and says $480 is a lot of money to her family.

"It's food, electricity and rent. It's clothes. It's everything," she said.

Whenever you mail something back to a company using the USPS, UPS or FedEx, always make sure you get documentation proving you did so. And keep that documentation in a file or safe place for up to a year.

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"won't be getting any more $480 bills for that missing equipment." Well according to the article they found it so it isn't really "missing". I guess their "contract for life" campaign is a farce.


It’s simple , Centurylink sucks.



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