3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - A Gold Canyon man has been waiting on his tax refund for months, and he's concerned he may never get it. That's because his accountant made a huge mistake.

"I'm a big fan when they moved here in 1988," Phil Duhaime said.

[WATCH: Accountant loses tax refund for Phoenix area man]

Duhaime is a big Arizona Cardinals fan. So, when he found out he was getting a $1,800 tax refund, he had big plans with what he was going to do with the money.

"I was going pay for my season Cardinal tickets with that," Duhaime said.

But when his tax refund didn't show up in his bank account, Duhaime called his bank, Wells Fargo, to find out what happened.

"They looked up the account number and found out that the IRS deposited that money into that account number which was wrong," said Duhaime.

Duhaime says his accountant, who prepared his taxes, admitted to accidentally putting down the wrong account number on the tax returns. As a result, the IRS deposited that $1,800 into a stranger's account.

"So Wells Fargo took the money like they were supposed to. IRS sent it out like they were supposed to. It went into the wrong account," said Duhaime.

Duhaime says he's done everything he can to resolve the issue, but he's getting nowhere.

And his accountant, the guy who made the mistake, isn't calling Duhaime back.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved, and we contacted the accountant, a man named Charles Rick Plaskett, who readily admits he made the blunder.

"I'm responsible. I'm the preparer. I made the mistake. I'm responsible," said Plaskett.

Since it was Plaskett's mistake, 3 On Your Side asked if him if he would consider writing Duhaime a check for $1,800 to resolve the issue. But he claimed to be completely broke. However, the accountant did offer a payment plan of a measly $25 a month. At that rate, it would take more than six years for Duhaime to get his money.

"I'm willing to pay him, but I can't pay him more than $25 per month," said Plaskett.

"I'm sorry, sir, that's just not going to work," said Gary Harper.

"Well, what are you going to do about it, sue me? Go ahead!" said Plaskett.

3 On your Side also contacted Wells Fargo, which isn't at fault in this situation. Still, they agreed to investigate to see if they can possibly reverse the deposit that went into the wrong account.

For now, Duhaime is out all that money and his Cardinals football tickets.

"So, it's almost like I'm the guy at fault and I didn't do anything wrong," Duhaime said.

3 On Your Side is currently working with Wells Fargo to see if they can retrieve the deposit that went into the wrong account.


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(10) comments


I've been a client of Rick's for almost 10 years; he does good work, he's helped us with some real head-scratchers at tax time. No problems ever. I feel for the client who's out the refund, but at a minimum you should be checking SSNs and bank accounts. Rick doesn't file until he gets confirmation from the client.


Simply, the person who received it should return the money because it doesn't belong to him/her. Actually, its considered fraud to do so as its the obligation of the owner of the account to return money that doesn't belong to them.


Be sure to give your most valuable personal information to people like this every year. What could possibly happen? 🙄


Ask the thief that kept What he is going to do with the $1,800.00 pesos. [beam]


Would he not of gotten a copy to verify, prior to filing?


Yes. And he would have had to sign the copy to verify that he reviewed and agreed with it. Although, he was going to waste that money anyway. Stupidity happens.


There you go! He possibly didn't verify his bank routing/checking numbers, unless they were entered incorrectly, after the fact. Measure twice and cut once! A decent person would of noticed an erroneous $1800 deposit into their acct. and returned it, good luck with that!


Accountants are no better than lawyers!!!! Sleezy slimeballs!!!! His accountant probably put his account number down and got the 1800


Is this libel? Ask a lawyer.


At least if he loses the money he won't have to worry about wasting it on a garbage team.

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