MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- For Danielle Mayfield, getting behind the wheel of a particular 2016 Ford Focus was an interesting experience.

"It only maybe will go about four miles an hour. It will not shift out of first gear, will not go into reverse. Sometimes it will not go at all," Mayfield said.

Mayfield says the car actually belongs to his son, who started having transmission problems about a year and a half after buying it.

"It just pretty much went out, no warning."

Mayfield says she was quoted thousands of dollars to repair the transmission, something she and her son simply can't afford. The Ford Focus, which Mayfield says has 93,000 miles, sits at their Mesa home.

"We're stuck with a car payment, and we still owe about $12,000 on the vehicle, and we can't drive it," said Mayfield.

Mayfield had a glimmer of hope when she discovered the car manufacturer issued a recall for the 2016 Ford Focus because of transmission problems, just like the one her car is having.

Published reports recently indicated Ford settled a $30-million lawsuit and buyback option for owners of certain Focus and Fiesta transmissions.

"It does jerk at times. You know, it's kind of scary," Mayfield added. Mayfield says she contacted Ford about that recall.

However, the car manufacturer claimed her son's car didn't qualify because it was reportedly manufactured about four months outside their recall window.

"The recall ends for manufacturer dates of November of 2015, and this vehicle was manufactured in April of 2016."

So Mayfield contacted 3 On Your Side, and we asked Ford to investigate.

They did, and according to Mayfield, Ford told her to tow the car into a dealership at her expense, and after paying out of pocket for a diagnostic test and then Ford would make a decision.

But Mayfield says that's not an option.

"I would like a buyback, I don't trust that Ford would make the correct repairs or put the correct transmission in the vehicle. And I'm afraid down the line I'm just going to have another issue with it."

If Ford decides to repurchase her car or if she's able to get it repaired, we'll let you know in a follow-up report.


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