MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Alisa Bingel misses her husband Randy. “He started off as a family friend and then we ended up getting married in 2006, 14 years ago,” she told 3 On Your Side.

Unfortunately, Randy passed away recently from cancer. If the couple looks familiar that's because the AZFAMILY Surprise Squad helped Alisa and her family just a few months ago.

Well, turns out, Alisa is in a jam again and this time it has to do with Chase bank and a $1,630 deposit that she says the bank has hijacked from her account. "How aggravating has this been?” 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “Oh, I can't pay my bills,” she replied.

Here's the problem. Randy's Social Security checks are direct-deposited on the second Wednesday of every month and his March payment was made on April 8, as it should have been. But Chase bank placed a hold on that $1,630 deposit, meaning Alisa can't get access to the money. Why? "They claim Social Security is going to come after that check and they're going to want that money," Alisa said.

Remember, that $1,630 deposit was for the entire month of March when Randy was still alive. However, it was deposited in April just a few days after he died. As a result, Alisa says Chase bank mistakenly believes the deposit was in error and won't release the funds.

But this widow says Social Security has told her this time and time again. "And they say we are not coming after that check. His account is closed and that money is yours and Chase needs to release it."

Alisa says she's at the end of her rope and she's tired of fighting with Chase bank. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side. “I reached out to Gary Harper and 3 On Your Side because I can't get anyone to give me answers.”

Chase bank is now reviewing the matter at my request. Alisa says that's great news because she can really use that $1,630 right now. “Absolutely it's important to me. I've had to rely on family and friends to make our bills work." Again, JPMorgan Chase is reviewing the matter. When the bank decides what to do, I’ll let you know in a follow up report.

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