3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Rex Welch says with the help of 3 On Your Side, things are back to a high note.

"It's resolved and I am as happy as I can be," the guitar playing Gilbert man told us.

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In a recent 3 On Your Side report, Welch told us how he went to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center because he thought he was having a heart attack. But, after a few tests, he was diagnosed with a simple case of acid reflux.

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"I said this is going to be an awful expensive bill just to find out I had acid reflux,” Welch said as he chuckled.

How expensive? Well, his hospital bill came to $43,683 and his insurance carrier, Health Net, covered most of the bill through payments and adjustments.

But for unknown reasons, Health Net reversed their payment and after some further adjustments, Health Net stuck Welch with a $33,790.01 hospital bill.

“What's your reaction when you see this bill?” 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked him.

“Well, I about had a heart attack,” he replied.

Welch says the bill was obviously a mistake, but claims the hospital and insurance company didn't want to find out what went wrong.

So, 3 On Your Side got a hold of not only Health Net, but also Mercy Gilbert which is owned by Dignity Health.

We asked them to review the matter and once they did, things turned around.

"Once Gary Harper got involved and went into action, we got action,” Welch said. “We got phone calls right away. No more waiting in line, on the phone for 45 minutes, no more."

After 3 On Your Side's involvement, Health Net changed its tune and repaid the hospital as they should have from the beginning.

As a result, Welch's out of pocket responsibility is now only $1,135.12. That sure beats the almost $33,790.01 he was being forced to pay.

Welch says the new amount is like music to his ears.

"It means a lot because I was stressed out and now I'm stress-free. That's why I say and suggest that if anybody has a problem, then get a hold of you guys are amazing."

Health Net never did explain to 3 On Your Side why this problem started or why it wouldn’t assist Welch with looking into the matter. But, Welch says it’s over now, and he’s happy that $33.790.01 isn’t hanging over his head.

Gary Harper's 3 On Your Side reports air weeknights on 3TV News at 9.


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