3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Sara Perkins says while driving her truck back in July, something chipped her windshield and a crack developed.

"It started at just above the driver's wind wiper," Perkins said.

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Once the crack spread, Perkins shopped around to get it fixed and came across a business called A & E Auto Glass. According to Perkins, A & E Auto Glass had an incentive that was kind of too good for her and her husband to pass up.

"The company was offering a free dinner and $120 rebates, so he contacted them," Perkins said.

Perkins had A & E Auto Glass replace her windshield and as a result, she received her dinner voucher. However, she says the company failed to come up with that $120 rebate it promised and says she's been fighting six months to get it.

"This is costing us more than $120 just in our time," said Perkins.

Turns out, Perkins isn’t the only consumer having trouble getting that $120 kickback promised by A & E Auto Glass.

"My front windshield, driving down the freeway, got a rock chip and it went all the way across here," said Melanie Almendarez.

Last May, Almendarez says she also had A & E Auto Glass replace her windshield after being promised a $120 rebate. But six months later, she's still waiting for the money.

"They promised to do something, and they didn't and I know a lot of other people are not receiving what they were promised," said Almendarez.

And, more than a dozen consumers have contacted 3 On Your Side, all complaining about the exact same issue with A & E Auto Glass.

So, what does the company have to say?

"We want to make it right, absolutely," said Eric Solheim.

Solheim owns the company and says he understands his customers' frustration. However, he claims there's an explanation. Solheim says crooks accessed his company's bank account, wiping out thousands, leaving little to no money to pay customers those rebates.

"What happened, there's (sic) some bad guys out there that reproduced our checks with our account number and routing number on the bottom of the checks," said Solheim.

Solheim even shared copies of some of the fraudulently reproduced rebate checks.

"We had at one point somebody wrote their self a check for over $10,000," said Solheim.

Solheim says his bank eventually reimbursed him for his losses. And as of now, he tells 3 On Your Side that he's trying to make good on all those promised rebates. As a matter of fact, Perkins says after 3 On Your Side's involvement, she finally got her $120 check. As for all the other consumers who say they're waiting, Solheim says it will take time.

"We're working every single day to get caught up on any rebate situation. Every day we're working hard and catching up further and further, we should have that all caught up very soon," Solheim said.

Since 3 On Your Side's involvement, about a half dozen consumers who contacted us say they finally got their checks for a total of $840. Again, others are still waiting for their money. We'll stay on top of it and let you know if everyone gets paid.

Eric Solheim sent 3 On Your Side the following statement regarding the rebate checks: 

First and foremost, we want to thank the thousands of customers we have had the privilege of serving for almost two decades! For years we have fought at the state capitol for the continued opportunity to offer our customers a portion of our profits for their insurance approved windshield replacements. We are the company that gives the most money back for your insurance approved Auto Glass replacement - and we will continue to fight for that right. We would also like to express our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. I can promise it has not been intentional!! We are working diligently to fix the situation and look forward to it being resolved in the near future.”   


Eric Solheim



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