(3TV/CBS 5) - Getting married is one of the most memorable moments of your life and wedding photographs are supposed to help you relive that memory.

But some Valley couples say years after being married, they still haven't received their pictures.

If you look around Jessica Craney's home, you'll find her engagement photos.

However, when it comes to her actual wedding pictures, taken by a different photographer, well, that's another story.

"And although my wedding is a very happy moment, this whole situation has very much painted a tarnish on it,” said Craney.

Tarnished, she says, because the photographer she paid to take her wedding photos hasn't come through with the full photo package she purchased. Keep in mind, she was married on April 1, 2016 -- nearly three years ago.

"Not a joke, it really was April Fool's Day. That give you a little idea about my husband and I. We have a sense of humor. This is not so funny though!”

The couple hired a photographer named Gary Helland. According to Craney, Helland offered her a "promotional price" of $2,100 to shoot her wedding and produce pictures.

“So really the photography was probably the most exciting part about it. You get to relive your wedding day again that day.”

For that $2,100 price tag, Craney says she was supposed to receive an enlarged wedding photo canvas along with two photo books containing 250 pictures.

Craney says the two photo books were the bulk of the package. But for all that money, and over the course of nearly three years, Craney says all she received is the canvas. And she says she only got it because she pestered him so much.

“Two years after me doing this, I finally got my canvas.”

The only other photos Craney has are ones Helland gave her access to on his website, that she had to screen shot.

“I actually went through on my phone with the over 3,000 photos and one at a time, went through picked out the ones that I liked, screen shot, it was painful and brutal and it took me forever but at least I had something.”

Craney says she had enough and contacted 3 On Your Side for help. So, 3 On Your Side went to Gary Helland's apartment to see why there would be nearly a three-year delay for that wedding package.

No one came to the door, but Helland immediately called 3 On Your Side back. He apologized for Craney's delay saying "some things slipped between the sofa cushions."

He also sent us this statement saying, in part:

"I have personally reached out to the clients involved and have given them my personal promise that everything they paid for will be produced and delivered, probably within the next 7 to 10 days."

Craney says it's about time.

"I need my books, I've paid you in full you have all of my money."

Gary Helland statement in full:

“I want to personally thank Gary Harper and channel 3 for giving me this opportunity to apologize to some of the clients that have felt neglected or ignored or simply have not received their final wedding product. To these very important clients I truly apologize. It was never my intention to hide from you, to avoid you, and not deliver what you paid for at your wedding. A few years ago my business exploded from just a couple hundred clients a year to well over 900. While that was awesome for my business and my bottom line it unfortunately led to a situation where somethings got put on a back burner. Again never intentional. It really felt like somethings actually slipped “between the sofa cushions“. I have personally reached out to the clients involved and have given them my personal promise that everything they paid for will be produced and delivered, probably within the next 7 to 10 days. In a career lasting 25 years all of my clients are very important to me and of course I want them all to be happy with my work. It is my personal pledge and promise to these clients that that will in fact happen.“


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