Intoxicated man mistaken for burglar shot in Chandler

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Chandler police are investigating after a man was mistaken as a burglar and was shot while drunkenly trying to enter the wrong apartment in Chandler early Sunday morning. 

According to Seth Tyler with Chandler Police Department, officers received a call of a burglary in progress at about 3:15 a.m. at an apartment near Elliot Road and Arizona Avenue. 

When officers arrived on scene, they found that the resident of the home shot the burglar.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the 'burglar' was actually an 'extremely' intoxicated man who thought he was entering his own apartment, Tyler said. 

Police said the man's injuries were not life-threatening. 

No arrests were made.


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(7) comments


What a hilarious story. I love it!


simple solution: DO NOT GET DRUNK

JF Conlon

What? Death penalty for getting drunk and TRYING to enter the wrong apartment? That's a bit harsh.


And I'm willing to bet he drove there too.


Better shooting next time. Now the idiot will try to sue you over use of force.


Driving through some new housing additions is a nightmare sober if you are trying to find a home. There is no variance between houses, not even a doorknob. Get a lad liquored up and he's down for the count. I have heard nightmare stories of wives and husbands standing out in their driveways trying to flag their spouses down when they drive by after coming in from a late night out with their co-workers and are at the very least 'confused' about which house is their home. No, they shouldn't be driving if they have been drinking, whatever the case is these are people who are supposed to know where they live and become confused by the sameness of everything and can't find a home. That used to be something only blind drunks were known for, might the toughness of humans be physically changing to where two to four drinks cause this kind of silliness? Take the liquor equation out of the concern, even worse try to drive into some of the additions at night and sober, it is like a mouse tunneled the streets through the place. Emergency responders no doubt have to seek counseling after responding to calls in these hoods because it is a real nightmare to find your way out of once you have found your way into wherever it is you are going.



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