PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- We want our kids to be safe as they make their way to and from school every day, but a new report finds they may not be as safe as we think they are.

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for school-aged kids, and places here in Arizona are among some of the most dangerous in the country.

Outside every school, you'll find speed limit signs, kids in crosswalks and sometimes, police parked nearby.

And it’s still not enough to get drivers to slow down in school zones.

“Speeding, they are on their phone. I see people texting,” said parent Lori Cohen. “It’s terrible."

A new school zone safety report paints a dangerous picture of what’s going on in front of campuses across the country.

A report by California-based ZenDrive ranks Arizona one of the worst when it comes to speeders and distracted drivers in front of our schools.

The company’s website has an interactive map showing more than 1,400 Arizona schools, giving them each a letter grade.

Most schools in Arizona got a C, with a lot of Fs. Desert Cove Elementary School in Phoenix is one of many schools to get a failing grade.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Michael Lee is not surprised.

“If you are doing 25 in 15 in a school zone, you should be getting an F, along with a citation from one of my officers," said Lee.

Parents and police are hoping reports like this one will convince drivers to slow down.

“To me - it’s just obeying the law regardless of how fast it is,” said Ofc. Rickey Newberry with the Phoenix Police Department. “The law says you do 15 mph. We are a country of laws. Obey the law.”

How does your child’s school rank? Use the tool below to find out.

[FIND YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL: School Safety Zone Snapshot]

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Pop quiz - Where does the school speed zone END and you can resume your speed? Who will submit the first correct answer...

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