Too racy for an Easter display?

Too racy for an Easter display?

CLIFTON, NJ (CNN) -- A woman who said she was offended by her neighbor’s sexy Easter lawn decorations took matters into her own hands this week, taking garden shears in hand to dismantle the display.
The display features five scantily-clad mannequins that are decked out in lingerie, fishnet stockings and bunny ears. The mannequins are all holding Easter baskets and are surrounded by Easter eggs.
The sexy decor is set up on the front lawn of Dr. Wayne Gangi’s dental office in Clifton, NJ.
“I have a son and he’s 16 years old. He is a good boy and he does not need to be seeing this every time I pick him up from school,” the woman, who identified herself as Desiree Mozek, said.
According to neighbors, the dentist is widely known for his holiday displays especially on Halloween, but this particular one some say, crosses the line.
Many have no problems with the eye-catching display.
“He has the right to do whatever he wants to do – it’s his property,” a neighbor said.
Others think it goes too far.
“This is Easter! Come on,” one passerby said. “To me it’s very distasteful and disrespectful.”
As for Mozek, she said she was tired of looking at it and went ahead with dismantling the display.
Gangi explained that the display had nothing to do with Easter and everything to do with honoring the late Hugh Hefner on what would’ve been his 93rd birthday.
He dismissed claims it was disparaging Easter.
“My staff helped me put the characters out on the lawn and unfortunately there was a total spin on me attacking the celebration of Easter - it just wasn’t true,” Gangi said.
The dentist says he plans to file a restraining order against Mozek, whom he described as problematic.
“This isn’t the first time I had a problem with her,” he said.
Many in the neighborhood came to Gangi’s defense, saying his holiday displays are meant to bring residents together. Butin this case, it may now lead to an arrest and possible charges as police continue to investigate.
The dentist said he planned to resurrect the display as soon as possible.

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(7) comments


Some people wouldn't be happy if you hung them with a new rope!


Desiree Mozek, you think your son does not see worse every day at school or the mall? You need to pay for the damage and spend some time in jail.

Comment deleted.
JF Conlon

Why are you up on Easter morning thinking these thoughts?? Rabbits, Eggs, Chickens, Ham! Happy Peeps to all!!


[innocent] So a neighbor is concerned about her 16 year old son... she needs to visit his school to see how the girls there dress these days.


"The dentist said he planned to resurrect the display as soon as possible."


He did put it back, adding half-naked Chippendale guys.


More PC butthurt. It's easter, but it's his property. Arrest the neighbor.

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