PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to initiate historic preservation overlay zoning on a 93-year-old home at 7019 N. Central Avenue.

Neighbors and the North Central Phoenix Homeowner's Association (NCPHA) were fighting to get the home deemed historic ever since the filing of a demolition permit in late April.

[WATCH: Owners of historic PHX home have heated discussion with neighbors]

"We're very passionate about this because we believe that without preservation of this home, it's continued precedence for other estate lots to be subdivided," said Anne Enders, president of the NCPHA.

Karl Tunberg, the realtor for the home, says the demolition permit was filed just in case the future homeowners wanted to tear the house down and start over new. Developers have also been interested in subdividing the 1.2-acre lot.

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"In order to attempt to subdivide this lot, variances would need to be filed. Currently, the property owner does not meet all four of the state-mandated requirements for a variance," said another member of the NCPHA.

The homeowners, David and America Young, inherited the home 23 years ago. They live out of state but hoped to retire in Phoenix someday. However, they told the Historic Preservation Commission that after spending thousands of dollars in repairs over the last two decades, the home became a money pit.

"I'm setting this up so that people can donate money to help to restore this property. If we have to sell it to a contractor to demolish it, that's what we have to do for ourselves," said David.

The Youngs don't want the house to be demolished and are willing to donate $100,000 to preserve the house built in 1926.

"It's our loss. It's our headache," America said. "It's our loss, and we're old, and we're tired, and we want to get rid of it. We offered the best way that we felt was fair to salvage it to be fair to us and to be fair to the community, and they rejected it."

Because the commission voted to begin the historic preservation process, the Youngs believe they could be out about half a million dollars.

"If you own a house, think about the city coming in and telling you you can't sell your house at a reasonable price, and you have to take a 30% reduction to sell your house, and that's exactly what we've been told," David said. "We may have lost a half million dollars. Nobody knows what the house will sell for until the check is handed to us and is cashed."

The house is currently on the market for $1.8 million.

NCPHA and neighbors spoke up at the meeting after the Youngs made their presentation.

"The neighborhood feels so strongly about maintaining this overlay that we are fully prepared to oppose subdivision to the highest level. In our opinion, this lot is not divisible today, tomorrow, next month or two years from now," said one speaker.

"I walk by that house every morning. Yeah, it's kind of in a rundown state, but if somebody was able to come in and preserve this, and make it what it truly is, then that would continue to be what North Central is all about," said another speaker.

Michelle Dodd, with the Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission, says this process is far from over, and it doesn't mean the home can never be demolished--it will just be a lengthier process. The house will need to be rezoned, which requires at least four more public meetings. The property owners can also argue that this overlay is causing financial hardship. Ultimately, the decision is up to the City Council.

The Youngs say they will get legal advice.

They have 20 days to file an appeal.


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(16) comments


Please dont "accidentally" burn the house down to get your way. I wonder if the demolition would be cheaper after the house has burned down. Since all of the rubbish wieght would be turned to ash. Hmmm? Then there is an insurance payout too? I feel like I should buy the property


This country is getting more and more socialist. Private property is just that, PRIVATE PROPERTY than no one has any right to interfere with, but in this case the property is being stolen from the legal owners. If you want it preserve it BUY IT for the asking price then YOU take the hit.


So I should be able to go to your neighborhood and tear down the house next to you and put in an apartment complex? Do you have any idea what Infil does to Propert values? This is the same thing.


So, it's a money pit that you think is worth $1.8 mil? Greedheads! You say you'll lose half a mil so I weep for you that you could only get $1.3 mil for this house.


So, two people inherit a home, they did not work for or contribute for this home, they inherited it. They should be thrilled to get $5 for the home since they acquired the home free of charge. Not good enough for these two though who live out of state and do not care about the neighborhood in general. Boo hoo, rich peoples problems. In response to the idiot spouting off about property rights... your rights as an owner do not supersede common sense or the well being of the community at large. Anyone with half a brain would know a house that old in that area would likely be deemed historical. Further, people are sick and tired of the wealthy coming into these neighborhoods and destroying the aesthetics of a community simply to satisfy vanity or to make a quick buck. Case in point, that horrid monstrosity on Squaw Peak Pkwy. The tore down a beautiful one story, 60 year old home and built that nasty eyesore. This is exactly the type of entitled attitude that is ruining this country. Again, let me stress these people INHERITED the home, they did not buy it with their own earned money. Too bad the city did not simply seize it and designate it historical and restore it. And they wonder why the 99% loathe them.


But littlejoe, they OWN the property. It does not matter how they obtained it, they OWN it. If you want something done to it besides what the owners want YOU purchase it for the asking price then YOU can do as you please with it. YOU are a big part of the problem with this country - a socialist - who thinks you can control other people's properly.


Same response to dean here. Where do you live? Do you want me to come to your neighborhood tear down the house across the street from you and cram in an apartment complex that looks nothing like the rest of the area? Neighborhoods are zoned for different things. There’s nothing socialist about that. Trying to demolish one home to put six homes is what these people are claiming is unfair. Maybe we all throw in and out a Retiement home or methadone clinic. Those are profitable if capitalism is the only thing you want to discuss


Again, it does not matter what the neighbors want or don’t want. If they don’t like what could possibly happen after the sale, then they should buy it. The owners own this free and clear, and have paid the property taxes. It is their business to sell, it renovate it, or tear it down. Not mine, not yours, not the neighborhood. Just like the first amendment, I may not like what you have to say, but I defend your right to say it. I may not like what gets built, but I support their right to their personal property.

Stephanie Dyer

If the people who want to put up the apartment complex can convince the city council that it is appropriate for the neighborhood as opposed to what other people in the neighborhood want then yes, they have every right to buy that land and put up an apartment complex. That I might not like it is beside the point, they are doing something legal on their property which is not my right to restrict any more than they can tell me what to do on my property. ---- To be honest, unless that area is restricted to 1 single family home per X amount of land then tearing down the house and putting six on the land is not out of line with the zoning. Not to mention that, having done the census in that area, there are several multi-family dwellings in that area that do not disrupt the aesthetics of the area and have been there for decades.


that area is restricted to 1 single family home per X amount of land. Tearing down the house and putting six on the land is out of line with north central overlay zoning


You just don’t get it sunshine. Once they take their rights, who’s next? Me? You? It’s called ownership for a reason. It doesn’t matter how they got it. It’s theres to do with as they please. Just like your possessions are yours. It’s not up to the community to decide what gets built there unless the community wants to buy it and restore it. And the government has no cause or reason to seize anyone’s property because the stuck up neighbors don’t like what’s coming.

Stephanie Dyer

Yup, they inherited it and spent 23 years of mortgage, property taxes, utilities and repairs maintaining it. Oh and trust me, the people living along Central in that neighborhood may be better off financially than you are but they are not even remotely in the 1% BTW - entitled attitude is the person who thinks just because someone has more money they should not have the same rights as the rest of us.


The headline and the content make no sense. They're opposite of each other. Are the neighbors for or against the designation???


The Youngs are from "out of state". Where exactly (city and state) are they living?


Her name is America, so im going to guess theyre in Mexico


Absolutely ridiculous. These people are the owners of this property and should have the right to do as they please. If the neighbors are that concerned, then they should put up the money to purchase and restore the home. This is extremely concerning to me as a homeowner myself and should be to anyone else who is. I hope the city council sides with common sense and owners rights.

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