Victor Salazar likes to enjoy his swimming pool when he can.

"So, this is our pool area right here," he tells 3 On Your Side as he gives us a tour around his backyard.

But, that’s a little hard to do when the fencing that separates his property from his next-door neighbor's is left destroyed and on the ground.

"Well, I measured it out and it's about 27 feet long, so it's quite the distance," he says as he explains how much of the wall was destroyed.

The fencing is an old design from the early 1970s. A quick drive around Salazar’s neighborhood and you'll see some homeowners still have the same outdated, checkerboard-style wall barely standing.


And its age is the very reason Salazar’s wall collapsed three weeks ago during a week's worth of heavy monsoon storms.

“I noticed the wind blowing,” he said as he recounted the storm. “It was just blowing really hard."

Estimates to build a new concrete block wall come to around $6,000. So, Salazar filed a claim with his insurance carrier, Liberty Mutual, to help cover the expense.

After waiting for weeks for a final decision on his claim, Salazar says Liberty Mutual finally told him they would only repair the wall. However, they wouldn't pay $6,000 to replace it.

"They told me they wouldn't be able to do anything other to repair the part of the fence that was damaged,” Salazar said.

“Did that make sense to you?" Gary Harper asked.

“No, not really,” he replied.

According to Salazar, other neighbors in the area have the exact same 50-year-old style wall and when their walls were blown down in previous monsoons, their insurance companies paid to have brand new block walls built.

“In fact, nearby homeowners already had their new walls constructed," Salazar said.

So, Salazar wants to know why Liberty Mutual is giving him such a hard time.

For starters, Salazar says contractors have already told him no one manufacturers antiquated walls like his any longer.

And, even his HOA guidelines mandate that damaged "...walls must be replaced with concrete block..."

So, Salazar contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I decided to contact you because I see how you can help people out who are in predicaments," Salazar told Harper.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Liberty Mutual and after explaining Salazar’s situation, they told me they couldn't discuss details due to privacy issues.

However, after our involvement, Salazar says Liberty Mutual immediately contacted him and told him they would agree to pay the $6,000 to install a brand new block wall.

Salazar says he’s finally satisfied and says it only happened with the help of 3 On Your Side.

"You know we’re still looking at maybe a couple of weeks or a week or two to get the contractor out here to start on the new wall,” he said. “But, at least now that I know that we have the funds to actually pay for the fence, that's a relief."

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