PEORIA, Ariz. (3TV/CBS 5) – The HOA of a Peoria community is threatening to fine a family if they don't remove chalk drawings their kids created on their driveway. The Rosales family says they got the chalk from the City of Peoria as part of its Chalk Your Walk movement.

Peoria sidewalk chalk

Since Arizona's stay-at-home order, which expires this evening, went into effect, Michelle Rosales says her young children have spent time drawing pictures and writing words of encouragement on the driveway of their home in the Springer Ranch community. The kids wrote phrases like, "Be safe. Be happy. Be healthy, "Be kind," and "God bless us all." They also drew pictures of themselves with their grandmother. Neighbors joined in the creative fun.

Peoria sidewalk chalk

Such chalk drawings and messages have become a positive sight all over the Valley. Rosales said she's only received positive feedback from people who pass by on their walks and runs. Last week, however, she received a notice from her HOA about chalk art, and it wasn't kind words.

Citing a statute that deals with oil spills and tire marks in the driveway, Donna Herold of Colby Management told the Rosales family to remove the chalk art. She said the family could face fines if the driveway isn't cleaned up within 14 days.

Peoria sidewalk chalk

"I was frustrated because I feel like my kids need an outlet right now," Rosales said. "With everything being closed -- no access to school, or parks or their friends -- being able to come outside and draw in their front yard is a way for them to get their energy out, their feelings out."

A neighbor of the Rosales family received a similar notice after she created a large colorful message in honor of health care workers during the flyover by Luke Air Force Base a couple of weeks ago.

Rosales says she's all for following the HOA rules but feels this situation is trivial and nitpicky during a time when neighbors and communities should be lifting each other up. She plans to leave the chalk art in place.

Arizona's Family reached out to Herold Thursday morning but has not heard back.


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