PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Some west Valley homeowners are accusing their HOA of being unpatriotic because it is forcing them to remove the American flags painted in front of their homes.

"This is just kind of upsetting," said Jim West, who has a flag painted on his curb. "What is the big deal? Why?"

West and some of his neighbors have been told that the painted flags and other "decorative art" are not allowed on the curb in front of homes in Peoria's Westbrook Village community.

[WATCH: "This is just kind of upsetting."]

Donna Cordero got her HOA notice a few weeks ago shortly after someone came around the neighborhood to paint addresses and images in front of homes to make it easier for emergency vehicles to find them.

But the homeowner's association decided that while addresses are acceptable, flags and other designs are not, and had to be painted over.

"I thought, 'Well, how unpatriotic are they?' when all I wanted to do was have that flag there because I am patriotic and my husband died for this country," Cordero said.

The Westbrook Village Association provided this statement:

The American Flag is a symbol that is cherished by the Westbrook Village Association. The Flag is flown proudly by the Association at its community recreational centers, and at its Veteran's Memorial Ramada.

Moreover, all residents within Westbrook Village are encouraged to display the American Flag on their property in a manner that is respectful and in accordance with the United States Flag Code.

The Association's Rules prohibit the display of any decoration on the curb. The primary purpose of this rule is to protect the safety of the residents by making the painted address numbers more visible to emergency personnel.

While some neighbors have expressed support for what the HOA is doing by enforcing its rules, West is not convinced.

He said the American flag is not something that should be controversial.

"I'm not gonna do anything about it unless I'm forced, and I don't know how they can force me other than take my home," said West. "I think the HOA is insulting by itself without having to pull little tricks. That is stupid, in my opinion."

Several homeowners have complied with the HOA's request and have painted over their flags and other designs.

It is unclear what action the HOA might take against homeowners who don't do anything and leave their flags on the curb.

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