The negative ads keep popping up in Arizona's District one congressional race between Wendy Rogers (R) and incumbent Tom O'Halleran (D).

But the dirty politics may have just hit a new low.

O'Halleran's campaign released a video that shows his finance director walking into a GOP office in Flagstaff and confronting a GOP volunteer Thursday afternoon.

The volunteer and another man had reportedly gone to O'Halleran's office and donated $40 to his campaign.

The donors reportedly left bogus names and said they belonged to NAU's Communist Party.

"This was an attempt by the Arizona Republicans to set up Tom O'Halleran's campaign with this ridiculous lie that he takes money from communists," said O'Halleran spokeman Rodd McLeod. 

The video shows that when O'Halleran's finance director showed up to give the money back, the volunteer ducked into an office, then came out and took back the cash.

"Here you go Oscar," said the finance director. "I'm returning the funds you just made to our campaign under the name Jose Rosales, claiming to be with NAU's Young Communists, when you are with NAU's Republicans and your name is Oscar."

"There's [sic] really important issues to discuss and playing these games and fake identities, it's just the kind of nasty, juvenile style politics we've seen from the Republican Party," said McLeod.

Arizona's Republican Party did not respond to requests for comment.

Rogers' campaign released this statement:

"This is news to us. No one from our campaign was involved in this juvenile stunt. We are focused on defeating Tom O'Halleran and the Democrats this November and don't have time for silly pranks. We are more concerned about exposing Tom O’Halleran’s open borders liberal record.“

"It's pathetic," said McLeod. "This is not what politics is about."

McLeod said that it is illegal to make a campaign contribution and give a fake name, but they do not plan on pressing criminal charges.

They believe someone put the volunteers up to the political prank.

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Jason Barry is a nine-time Rocky Mountain Emmy Award winner who is best known for his weekly Dirty Dining reports highlighting local restaurants with major health code violations.

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(2) comments


Sounds like a college student prank.


What do you want to bet the democrats created this scam to make it look like the republicans did it? This is sure something the Clintons and Obamas would do.

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