Sugar n Spice Armed Robbery

Terell Whitfield, Joseph Conklin, Terrell Whitfield

GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS5) – Goodyear police have arrested and charged three suspects for the armed robbery of a bakery.

Two men entered and robbed the Sugar n Spice bakery, near Indian School Road and Wigwam Boulevard at gunpoint around 12:30 a.m. on January 13, according to Goodyear police.

The suspects allegedly took a victim’s phone, all three victims’ wallets, ID’s, and roughly $500 cash from the bakery.

Within the past week, Goodyear detectives determined that the suspects of the robbery were selling fentanyl pills to the 45-year-old doughnut cook, Joseph Conklin, who was present during the robbery.

The robbery occurred to settle Conklin’s debt, according to police. 

On June 4, Conklin was taken into custody during a traffic stop. Upon giving a full confession he was charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery and armed robbery.

Goodyear police were then able to retrieve search warrants and recover multiple stolen items.

Terrell Whitfield was taken into custody and charged with aggravated armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Durrell Whitfield who was already in custody on an unrelated charge was charged as well with aggravated armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


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(19) comments


Sure, Come on over Californians and make yourself at home.


Two whities n one darkie ! [scared]

El Golfo

Most of these pills are made in China!,This is one of their ways to corrupt,take over,f u our society?Is it any wonder that the US has put a choke hold on heroin,opium from the cartels and the middle east counties and now we deal with the synthetic drugs from China. The wall will help, but this is a international problem,stop it at its Source!


Um no the pills are from Mexico... Hecho en Mexico and all the other heroin opiums are from Asia but come up from Mexico... Opiates are from the U.S. that means oxy and others... I see it every day.... Mexico is the problem!!!!!And I am from there I know


[thumbup] yeppers. I've seen it many times and they don't all get smuggled through ports of entry. There are many, many trails in remote area made specifically for drug smuggling, they are continually throughout the day. Often times the people who get pulled over and caught with a car load of dope are really a decoy to keep the agents and police busy while the big shipments gets brought in elsewhere.


*continually used throughout the day and night for drug smuggling.

Agustus Gloop

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I wish our politicians and the other useless bunch that create and enforce our laws would read more stories like this!!! CLOSE AND MILITARIZE THE SOUTHERN BORDER !!!!! Go to war with the cartel, stop battling some camel humping goat herders in another desert... Stop the flow of everything and you stop the problem.. Got a leak seal it!!!!!

Wayne kenoff

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Wow, looks like I am back in CLE again


2/3 are black.....hmmmmmm...coincidence ? Survey says........


People in this country are completely obsessed with race.


You are clearly.


BCN - Yes, and? You say it as if it's a bad thing. It's not bad, it's good to have a focus on race.


Why? .. just curious.


Fentanyl pills? No surprise. Another armed robbery linked to drugs being brought over the border. The tentacles of drugs and other illegal border activities reach far into our communities and our daily lives. Shake off the desensitization to it and be shocked and alarmed by every incident related to it. Have a zero tolerance in our country for crimes and dysfunction linked to illegal border activities. Expect better for the United States. AMERICA FIRST. BUILD THE U.S. BORDER WALL.


Need to start from inside the "wall". If there was not such a DEMAND for these illicit drugs, we wouldn't have to be concerned over the SUPPLY.


Let it happen, natural selection. Let them all kill themselves.


Funny thing is building a wall won't do anything to the supply of drugs. They just have to use little drones or their tunnels at the border to drop off the drugs. Must be hard to understand for Maga supporters

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