AVONDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A 19-year-old Goodyear man with a history of DUI is facing several felony charges after a deadly wreck that happened while he was driving.

Gabino Matancillas Avondale Blvd Fatal Ax

Gabino Matancillas

It happened just before 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018, on Avondale Boulevard at Lower Buckeye Road in Avondale.

According to police, Gabino Matancillas was driving his truck north on Avondale Boulevard at the time. He has three passengers with him – a 20-year-old in the front seat and a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old in the back seat.

A semi-truck hauling a loaded trailer had stopped for the stop sign on Avondale Boulevard, according to police. That driver had just started to turn left onto Lower Buckeye Road when Matancillas rear-ended the rig.

Police said about three feet of the pickup went under the semi’s trailer.

Nobody in Matancillas’ pickup was wearing their seat belt. One of the passengers died at the scene. The other two suffered serious injuries. Matancillas broke his leg.

“Responding deputies found Gabino seated in the driver’s seat and assisted him out of the vehicle through the driver’s window,” according to public court documents.

The probable cause for arrest statement notes that a drug recognition expert “determined Gabino was impaired by alcohol and marijuana.”

Lab tests from the hospital put Matancillas’ blood alcohol content at 0.051 percent, which is technically under Arizona’s legal definition of impaired, which is 0.08. Utah just lowered its legal definition of impaired to 0.05. That's the lowest DUI threshold in the country.

While a DUI charge in Arizona is automatic with a BAC of 0.08 or higher, language in the state law allows for a charge if the driver is believed to have been impaired “to the slightest degree.”

Investigators said Matancillas admitted to smoking marijuana before driving and said his passengers were smoking the drug while he was driving. Investigators also found “multiple 12 packs of beer” in Matancillas’ truck.

At 19 years old, Matancillas was not old enough to legally buy alcohol. Neither were any of his passengers.

When investigators ran a records check, they learned that Matancillas’ driver license had been suspended a month ago because of a DUI conviction on Nov. 29, 2018, out of Avondale City Court.

Matancillas was arrested on News Year's Eve at the Goodyear home where he lives with his parents.

Investigators recommended a charge of reckless manslaughter because one of the passengers died in the crash, two counts of aggravated assault for the two passengers who were hurt, and one count each of endangerment and aggravated DUI.

A secured appearance bond was set at $100,000. Should Matancillas post that, he will be required to submit to electronic monitoring.


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(25) comments


4:30 am - 4 young Hispanic men - impaired - previous history of DUI... what in the world is going on? All 4 of these guys need to go away.


Another example of Arizona low standard drivers.


More of this to come ... marijuana is big bucks. They don't care if it is on the roads or in the workplace. But ... in this case ... if the kid was named Ducey (or with the right media coverage) it would likely just be discounted as a matter of kids being kids and a moment of distracted driving.


So what are you saying....because mmj is legal, people are now smoking and driving and when it was illegal, people followed the law and didn't smoke and drive. Boy, you are a moron.

JF Conlon

Censor, make a list of your unmentionables (more than seven, i'd guess), and be sure to run it by Mr Kenoff

JF Conlon

Censor, is cr*p a dirty word? But poop is okay with you?


Jesus, there is no "censor". IT IS A PROFANITY FILTER, WHICH IS SOFTWARE. Nobody is choosing "crapp" over "poop" or vice versa. Stop writing to the imaginary moderator gnome because there are no mods here!


how do you know? You sound like the type to spread misinformation to control others.

Joe Tax Payer-

Because I have been a site mod before. "Spread information to control others"?! Look no further than Faux News for that-- 24/7 fear, red meat, and dog whistles. (You may want to look up what all those things mean.) Jesus f*ck, you're stupid.


Because I have been a site mod before. "Spread information to control others"?! Look no further than Faux News for that-- 24/7 fear, red meat, and dog whistles. (You may want to look up what all those things mean.) Jesus f*ck, you're stupid.



Retired Fire

Lock him up and slap the poop out of his parents for bringing him up this way. Because of his lack of proper up bringing someone has to put their child in a grave, should have been him.

JF Conlon

Here we all are again! Same old name calling -idiocy. Trump starts it out and we all follow like a bunch of third graders. Same old, same old . . . . . (who does censor these comments, anyway?)


So you're honestly looking for stimulating civil discourse here and are disappointed when it doesn't happen? You have to be kidding. Half these people probably still have AOL accounts. They are incredibly stupid and worthy of mockery. Not sure why you're attempting to have an intelligent discussion with any of them.


At least with civil discourse there is a chance someone might learn something. Simply calling people names serves no purpose but to make you feel superior to everyone else.


I imagine you were one of the chicken littles when AOL went under. I hope your momma was able to calm you down.


B*tch, I have PROUDLY never had an AOL account in my life.


Why was he not already in jail. Of course some liberal judge will likely let him off with probation or weekend jail time and of course he will be driving again without a license.


Don't blame all liberals for being lenient - I'm a liberal and I would put his scummy butt in prison for 20 years.


but you vote for scum that what to open the border. You're just as guilty.


You sound like a little old lady. Seriously, get laid or something.

TRUMP supporter

sf are you off your meds again?


I have many liberal friends (I am conservative) who have huge hearts and just want to solve all the obvious problems in society... we may not agree on HOW to do it, but in the end they just want to help people.

I think the group of people you may be referring to are the "leftists" who are more militant.
Dean, if you are asking why he was not in jail it is probably because of injury due to the accident and it gave time for the police to put their evidence in order and to decide the best charges to arrest him on.


LOL- you got a criminal president running the republicon criminal cartel and you're barfing out some nonsense about liberal law and order!? GTFO.


get over it.

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