BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A Good Samaritan is still in the hospital recovering after being hit by a car while helping another person who had also been hit by a vehicle.

On Jan. 26 at around 9 p.m., a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of 99th Avenue and Buckeye Road. The driver of the truck who hit him told Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies that he didn't see where the bike came from, and the intersection didn't have any streetlights.

Good Samaritan injured after Buckeye bike accident

The bicyclist, later identified as Thomas Southerland, died at the scene after several more vehicles ran him over.

Meanwhile, Alex Lopez was driving with his wife and kids to go grab a late-night snack when they saw the commotion. "We were headed down the road and we saw a body there and it was just a natural instinct for him to always pull over and help as much as we could. He's always known for that," said Janeth Lopez, Alex's wife. "We pulled over to help this person, thinking he was still alive, but he wasn't, but we didn't know that. So my husband was already directing traffic and there were people that had stopped."

They were only there for a few minutes when the unthinkable happened. "The next thing I know, he told me, 'Go get in the car with the kids; I'll be right there.' It was just a matter of seconds. I got in the car. I remember rubbing my hands and I heard something and I looked over and he crawled, he got his body, and he dragged it to the car," recalled Janeth. "Everything went black for me. I just kind of remember telling him, 'It's okay, they're coming, they're coming.' But as I looked down to touch his body, his leg was already gone, his left leg. He lost it right then and there."

The car who hit him didn't stay at the scene. However, MCSO says the driver turned themselves in a few hours later. Right now, no charges have been filed. "He didn't stop for him, did not take the moment or second to see if my husband was okay. He just left him there and it's not fair. It's really not fair," Janeth said. "He [Alex] was the one who was working, he's the one that went to work, came home to his kids, anybody who needed help he was always the one to volunteer. He was always there. It wasn't fair that he thought my husband wasn't human enough to stop and make sure that he was okay."

Janeth said by the time Alex was hit by the car, several other vehicles had already pulled over with their hazard lights on to help with the initial scene. "A bunch of vehicles had already stopped so you can't tell me you didn't see the commotion. There's no way you can tell me you didn't see a bunch of cars lined up, there's no way you can tell me you didn't see that," Janeth said.

MCSO says it is a complex investigation, but it is still active. They are looking into impairment and speed as possible factors.

Alex has been in the hospital since that day. Though Janeth says his recovery is a miracle, since he has been in a coma for a month and a half.

Their Feb. 14 wedding had to be postponed. But just last month they were able to say their vows from the hospital room... not how they planned their wedding day after 16 years together, but grateful to have one at all. "I thank God because he did make it. He lost his leg, he had his pelvic shattered, it's been a lot with him but he's here, he's recovering. He's coming home."

The couple has three children, ages 2, 9, and 14.

Alex was recently moved to a rehabilitation facility but so far there is no word yet on when he will be able to go home. Despite it all, he says he has no regrets. "He has no regrets; that's who he is. I think he'll still come home and want to help," Janeth said.

If you would like to help the Lopez family with medical expenses you can click here.

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