(3TV/CBS 5) −They say with age comes wisdom but what goes away are things like flexibility and sometimes even mobility.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Golfstretch is a Scottsdale business designed to keep golfers in the game longer and help anyone who wants to fight aging head-on.

"I think people think golfers aren't athletes but it's a complete athletic movement," said Golfstretch owner Adam Swanson.

He helps golfers of all ages, and focuses on proper warm up and recovery practices.

Les Devitt is one of those golfers. He's in his mid-60's and plays golf several times per week.

"Sometimes it was taking longer to loosen up than you'd want it to. Sometimes two or three holes into the round you were still a little stiff," he said.

This is his fourth season at Golfstretch and he said the difference she notices are obvious.

golf stretch.Copy.01.transfer_frame_829.png

Golfstretch is a Scottsdale business designed to keep golfers in the game longer and help anyone who wants to fight aging head-on.

He said this is part of golf not often seen, but always taking place in big competitions.

"People don't understand how much is going into the game. Guys are going into the tour van and getting stretched, getting adjusted, before the rounds and then the recovery aspect of it before the rounds is equally if not more important," said Swanson.

He said he sees a lot of people coming in who not only play golf, but hockey players and triathletes, too.

Even non-athletes can benefit.

"People who don't play any sports, who maybe have a desk job and have some lower back, nagging stuff going on."

He said feeling good is all about building muscle, strengthening the core, and stretching.

From what Devitt can tell, it's working.

"I can practice three or four sessions a week now, and recover very quickly and still go play golf the next day, next two or three days."

Swanson said there are things you can do in just five minutes that will help you prepare for a round of golf or any activity.

golf stretch.Copy.01.transfer_frame_77.png

Even non-athletes can benefit.


The four biggest areas for golfers to warm up and stretch are the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders.

A simple stretch of the ankles and calves by pushing against a wall or your golf cart is a great start. You want to make sure the heels stay planted on the ground; drop the hip and feel the stretch in the calf of the back leg.

For the hips and glutes, here's a good one: Take two golf clubs and use them like walking sticks to help you balance. Now, stand on one leg and cross the ankle of the raised leg over the opposite knee. Lower into a squat while maintaining your balance. Ten reps a side will really open up both hips and help your swing.

For the thoracic spine, you want to practice a nice full turn of the entire body, like a golf swing. Hold a club out in the front of you with a hand at each end. Keeps the arms locked out and be sure to pivot on the feet and ankles, as you would in a swing. Make a sweeping, full turn.

Finally, there's your shoulders. Hold a club in one hand out to your side. Brace the shoulder of the side holding the club using your opposite arm. Now you want to twirl the club first forward, then back -- almost like a baton. That will loose up the shoulders and the forearms.

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