PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The holiday celebrations are in full swing!

From the parties to the festive dinners, there is merriment all around, but getting behind the wheel after drinking is both dangerous and costly.

“Your average cost is $10,000 for your first DUI and in Arizona we are a zero-tolerance state so it’s super expensive and very tricky,” April Schaffroth of DUI Process Experts said.

Whether you have just one glass of wine or an entire bottle, Schaffroth says it’s all the same since Arizona is a zero-tolerance state. That means you can get a DUI even if you blow below the standard BAC of .08.

“Your liver takes an hour to process a drink,” Schaffroth said. 

If you stop by a holiday party and have a drink or two, you might think you're fine to drive home but think again.

“That first drink, slows your motor skills, dims your vision so people feel like they’re fine, but when they get behind the wheel they’re not,” Schaffroth said.

If you do get convicted of a DUI, you will have to place an interlock device in your car.

“You keep this in your car and blow into it to start to make sure you don’t have any alcohol in your system,” Schaffroth said.

A new Arizona law requires those with an interlock device in their car to also have a camera inside that records their actions so that no one else drives the vehicle.

Schaffroth says her best advice is pretty simple - don't drink and drive. Call a taxi, get a designated driver or use ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft. In the end, it's best to shell out $10 for a ride than pay $10,000 for a DUI. 


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