CHANDLER, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) - Remember the days you could go down to the diner and get a 25-cent milkshake, the days of black and white TV and you could fill up your gas tank for 18 cents a gallon?

For some that feels like just yesterday. Well, that’s because it really did happen Tuesday night.

“I filled the tank for 26 cents,” said Stephen Sederstrom. “The whole tank.”

You may have heard of “2 buck chuck” but you’ve probably never heard of this.

“Two cents a gallon,” Stephen and his wife Krystal said. “I didn’t think it was real,” said Stephen.

The couple lives down the street from the Circle K gas station at 54th Street and West Chandler Boulevard and couldn't believe what they saw when they drove by Tuesday night.

“The sign outside on the street did say 2 cents a gallon, 3 cents for diesel,” said Stephen.

They share a car and normally pay $40 to fill their tank, but this time 26 cents total.

And other drivers were experiencing the same thing. The employees at the gas station told us they had a glitch that affected a couple other stations around Phoenix, too.

So for about a half hour, people literally were putting in their two cents worth.

“5 more cents would have broken the bank!,” joked Stephen.

But the Sederstroms said their finances have been stretched thin lately, and this was a welcome gift they never expected.

“Right now it’s a little hard, so it’s kind of helping us too in a way,” said Krystal.

So I guess we can chalk this one up as a...

“Christmas miracle!” laughed Stephen.

We did reach out to Circle K corporate to ask what caused the glitch, but they have not returned our calls.


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(3) comments


They should track down the offenders by credit card information and send them to jail because they are thieves.


A gift? No, you took advantage of a situation. Hopefully, karma will pay an appropriate visit.


Would you not have done the same thing? Would you have gone inside and asked to pay the correct amount?

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