GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Five-year-old Jason Parry was at preschool at Luke Elementary in Glendale Monday, when his mom Ashley Parry got a voicemail on her phone from his teacher.

The voicemail started out about parent-teacher conferences, but she said about 40 seconds in, his teacher also mentioned she gave Jason ice cream in class because he wanted some.

“My jaw dropped. Honestly, I said out loud, ‘How stupid can you be? This is common sense! Are you kidding me?'” she said angrily.

The problem is, Jason has a severe food allergy called "EoE,” where milk can cause his blood cells to attack his esophagus and stomach. It's a condition his mom said they've discussed several times with his teacher, school nurses and administrators.

“Because he has a milk allergy she knows he’s not allowed to have it,” Ashley said. “We shouldn’t have to worry about sending him to school and worry about his teacher giving him a food he essentially isn’t allowed to have.”

She said sometimes his symptoms can take up to three days to show, usually starting with vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Not only will Jason need to be monitored by an allergist and gastrointestinal doctor for the next few days, but his parents said something needs to change.

They've pulled Jason out of Luke Elementary completely, and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office confirmed this is now an active investigation.

At this point, the Parry family's message is simple.

“If you can’t handle something so simple, don’t be a teacher,” said Ashley.

The Dysart Unified School District issued this new statement to Arizona’s Family Tuesday night:

“At Dysart Unified School District, we take the health and safety of our students seriously. As soon as we became aware of this situation, we immediately began to investigate. The investigation is ongoing, and we are working diligently to determine exactly what happened, in order to avoid future incidents like this. We are mindful of the student’s situation and wish them the best.”


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(8) comments


Jason knew he wasn't supposed to have ice cream...just sayin


But the kid seems line? No mention of sickness. Is he really allergic to milk or something his parents invented for sympathy. I bet this kid isn't vaccinated either.


Allergic to ice cream? Man, sucks to be you, kid.

TRUMP supporter

This is sad that this happened but with a room full of excited little kids, i'm sure the teacher forgot. With the mom calling the teacher stupid is not very kind.This was an accident so nobody should be pointing fingers, just chalk it up as a learning. I am sure the school will ban ice cream parties now so all the other kids will be punished by not having any ice cream.


Yes ice cream will be banned thanks to one child, just like peanuts and dozens of other things being banned to the point that kids cannot even take a candy bar in their lunch bag. When I was in school there was a girl who had an allergy to chocolate. At that time we were still allowed to bring treats for our birthdays and everyone brought something different for her.


Waaaaaaa! Isn't it time for nappies?

Stephanie Dyer

@TRUMP supporter - And if the teacher "forgot" a kid's Anaphylaxis peanut allergy and gave him a peanut butter sandwich that killed him would you be so sanguine? If a teacher cannot remember a student has a severe food allergy they should not be around children unsupervised.


Playing the blame game doesn't solve the underlying issue. Human error will always be a thing no matter what the job is. There should be system checks and double checks to prevent human error. This will happen again until a system approach solution is done to prevent people from making mistakes.

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