When officers arrived, they found a three-month-old child locked in the backseat of a car. The temperature outside at the time was 114 degrees.

When officers arrived, they found a three-month-old child locked in the backseat of a car. The temperature outside at the time was 114 degrees.

GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Glendale police say a mother has been arrested after she left her baby in a hot car while she was grocery shopping at Fry's.

Police say 27-year-old Jessica Umtuch of Phoenix is charged with child abuse and endangering the life of a minor.

On July 12, Glendale police officers were called out to the Fry's grocery store at 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road after someone reported seeing an infant locked in a car in the parking lot.

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When officers arrived, they found a three-month-old child locked in the backseat of a car. The car was not running and the windows were rolled up. There was no parent or guardian in the area, police said.

The temperature outside at the time was 114 degrees.

Officers broke the front window of the car to get the baby out. Paramedics said the baby did not appear to be injured.

Police say the baby had been in the car for approximately 16 minutes before officers broke the window.

Fry's managers made an announcement over the store intercom with the make and model of the vehicle.

A short time later the child's mother, now identified as Umtuch, came out of the store into the parking lot.

According to the police report, Umtuch said "she had forgotten the child in the car due to the child quietly sleeping."

She then stated that "she had dropped the baby's father off at the bar and had a lot of items to get at the store and that she forgot the child," according to the police report.

The police report goes on to say that Umtuch "stated she had been arguing with her boyfriend for a few days. She knew she had to go to the store and intentionally wanted to leave her child at home due to the heat. Her boyfriend asked her to take him to the bar, which upset her more. This also meant she needed to take her child with her to the store. She dropped her boyfriend off at the bar and then drove to the store. The subject stated her mind was in a different place due to being frustrated and she forgot the child in the car."

Umtuch told police that this is not normally like her and that she was "distracted."

The police report states: "Had someone not noticed the child in the car, the subject would have been in the store much longer to finish her shopping."


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If these people would just put their cell phones in the back seat I guarantee they will never forget the baby in the back. How can so many people forget they have a child in the car. This happens too often. Put a cell phone in the back and I can assure you that you won't hear of incidents like this often.


Also, the arguement for major educational overhaul comes into play, and not just for the woman in the article. People who are more educated wait to have children and don't have as many children. Not to mention the fact that the biggest issue for unplanned pregnancy would be the guys who pump & dump leaving the women to deal with the problem. It looks like our society as a whole needs to evolve big time.


So educated people have less children? Bitter much?


And so the arguement for reproductive services and letting women control their bodies instead of society only caring about a fetus when it is inutero but, not caring about it again until something like this happens. Although, yes, she could just be stupid... Makes one think about things like that.


Just throw her ugly a...ss in the oven and turn it on 500 degrees


Oh I so agree, this child does not have a chance , these two POS should of been sterilized. If that baby stays with those two it will be dead in 6 months, If kids are left in car's . how many times do you think they forget to feed them an just take care of the baby's necessities. These two should both be locked up for stupidity. This is sickening to think this is what that baby was dealt for parents.. The cop's did there job, but watch some fool judge hand that baby back to the killer's. These two should of been aborted!


Ooh.. what pig-people[scared].


but they do that at home


Must be a drunkenInjun. [scared]


I want to care - I just don't.


Say. My. Name.


My name.


Are you sure? That's right. Now...Say My Name.


that "she had dropped the baby's father off at the bar and had a lot of items to get at the store and that she forgot the child," ....Seriously??? I thought breeders were horrible before... it's gotten 1000% worse in the past 10-20 yrs... kids left in cars, bus', daycare vans, abused & neglected.. something's gotta give cuz this whole mess is horrible and it's only getting worse... SMDH WTF PPL???!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 in another article... 4yo sexually abused @ McDonalds?? You hateful ba$tErd

TRUMP supporter

Too stupid to live, both parents.


Mandatory sterilization for both the mom and the sperm donor. The baby needs to be removed from the home before this neglect recurs. And wikieup4life - some men will stick it anywhere. The peni$ has no eyes except one small blind one.




I love it. "She dropped off the baby's father at the bar and then forgot about the kid." Yeah, I think both parents forgot about the kid.


All the more reason why certain people should be forbidden from even having kids.


The details of this story tell it all. constant Arguments..going to the bar mid day...solid Americans there.

TRUMP supporter

He had to go to the bar, the welfare money was burning a hole in his pocket.


this little one doesn't stand a chance..very sad.


Shame on her! No one forgets there child in the car! I know at all times when my kids are with me even if they are asleep! She didn’t want her baby with her while shopping she should of asked someone to baby sit! 😡


According to the new reports - many people seem to 'forget' their babies in the car. Some babies aren't as "lucky" as this one.


Un f-uckin believable.


why is it unbelievable? You have a problem with spelling? Stupid question. Morons like you always have spelling problems.

Stanley Trump

You’re an idiot. Pretty sure he misspelled it on purpose to avoid being flagged for language. You are sssssstttuuupppiiidddd


Cut her some slack she is off the Rez and the rules are different there.


That firewater is a judgement killer.....

Tony G

Why do you say that? You really think the Indian community doesn't have laws to protect children? If you were protected as a child, you wouldn't have suffered the injury that causes your demented thinking.

Stanley Trump

Well aren’t you so smart poo pants

Tony G

What are you? Two years old?


What kind of man is desperate enough to sleep with that? Men are morons....this woman is an idiot.....stop breeding ASAP!


So sad someone like this person can be called a Mother of a Innocent Child. The child will probably be put back into the same place and go on with not a chance in life.

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