A Glendale faces charges after allegedly assaulting several people, including a pregnant woman and two police officers, with his blood.

GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A Glendale man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting several people, including a pregnant woman and two police officers, with an unusual weapon – his blood.

According to public court documents, police arrested Juan Luis Loya-Leyva in Goodyear Monday morning after “he knowingly and intentionally committed these crimes.” The alleged crimes include assault, criminal damage, threatening and intimidating, aggravated assault, and assault on a police officer.

It started in the parking lot at Abrazo West Valley Hospital. Police say Loya-Leyva, 26, was walking through the lot when he allegedly opened the back passenger door of a woman’s car. Investigators said he walked away but then punched through a window, shattering the glass and cutting his upper arm. He tried to pull the woman out of the car while threatening to kill her, according to court documents. Police say a surveillance camera recorded the incident.

“Loya-Leyva then ran around Abrazo West Valley Hospital, leaving a trail of blood,” police stated. Police also said he went through the parking lot and tried to open the doors of several cars. “This was evident from the large amount of blood smeared over said vehicles.”

Excerpt from Juan Luis Loya-Leyva's public court documents

Police say Loya-Leyva smeared blood on the doors and windows of Simon Med Imaging as he went by and was recorded on surveillance video “intentionally wiping blood on the door handles” of PT Noodles. The business was closed at the time.

"Here is the window. This is what I saw on the other side of the room," says Courtney Martin, an X-ray technician who works inside the medical plaza. Martin says she saw bloody handprints on her window so she took a video and called 911. 

From there, according to police, Loya-Leyva went to Starbucks. Police say Loya-Leyva knowingly and intentionally flicked blood onto a person, "claiming to have HIV.” Then, Loya-Leyva walked into Starbucks, where investigators say he began to flick blood on all the merchandise and counter. Loya-Leyva then intentionally flicked blood into the face and on the bodies of two Starbucks employees and continued to claim he had HIV. Police said one of those victims is a woman who is 36 weeks pregnant. The arresting officer described it as "the assault of throwing blood" in the probable cause statement. Investigators say they have video and witness accounts of Loya-Leyva’s alleged actions inside the Starbucks. 

Excerpt from Juan Luis Loya-Leyva's public court documents

Police say several officers met Loya-Leyva when he walked out of the coffee shop. While detained, Loya-Leyva allegedly rubbed blood on an officer and flicked more blood toward another officer, while again claiming he had HIV and hoped the officers contracted it, according to court documents. Loya-Leyva also made comments he wanted the officers to die.

Loya-Leyva was taken back to Abrazo so his cut could be treated. Police say he threatened to kill nurses and doctors and called a Black doctor a racial slur “multiple times.”

When police spoke with Loya-Leyva about his morning, he claimed ignorance. “Under Miranda advisement, Loya-Leyva stated he had no idea what I was talking about,” the arrested officer wrote in court paperwork. “The only thing Loya-Leyva remembered was being detained by police. When advised of his charges, Loya-Leyva only laughed and smirked at me.”

Loya-Leyva’s court documents list at least one previous arrest, but the information was redacted. During a remote court hearing, a secured-appearance bond of $10,000 was set and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Sept. 23.

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