GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) − When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, they begin a journey that most of us associate with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

But for Gilbert mom Tarley Reed, those things aren't in her game plan.

She has chosen to heal her cancer using the body's natural processes and said she views this diagnosis as an opportunity.

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"This is gonna open up something that I haven't had access to and so, to me, things that happen that are traumatic in life creates [sic] opportunities," said Reed. "It shakes you from where you're at so it really just creates opportunity and I knew that from the moment it happened."

She was diagnosed in February with stage two breast cancer.

And she said she knew right then that she would be handling this her way.

"Immediately they were like, 'double mastectomy' and I was like, 'absolutely not,'" she said.

In fact, she's said no to all traditional treatments and has instead opted for all natural -- sometimes controversial -- healing practices.

"Shots of wheatgrass, doing colonics, it's all vegan detox so it's no oils, no fats, no sugars," explained Reed. "And boy, when you put your body in a state like that, boy does it clear out stuff."

She's taking high doses of vitamin C and changing her diet to include a lot of organic juicing.

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It's a process that hasn't always been easy for her family to accept, but she feels doing it any other way would be abandoning who she is.

"I'm sure there are people who think I'm taking it too lightly and here's what I say: everybody has their own path that's their truth, right? To some people this is ridiculous that I'm doing this," she said. "To some they're inspired like, 'I wish I could be that strong and trust something and have faith in that.'"

I asked her whether she would change her approach if she finds out this method isn't working.

"I would just keep doing what resonates with my truth. I know that I can heal this. I know that," she said. "It's never been a fight for me. It's been a dance. You dance with it and you let it teach you."

In December, she will head to Costa Rica for a plant based -- emotionally cleansing -- treatment.

It is a one-way ticket because she doesn't know how long it will take to get to the traumas that she believes are making her sick.

I plan on keeping in touch with her to see how her treatments are working.

Heidi Goitia is the traffic reporter and fill-in anchor for CBS 5 This Morning weekdays from 4:30-7am.

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(21) comments

Evidence-Based Practice

This is so sad, that when people are as delusional as this poor woman, there is nothing that can be done. Her family members should start getting ready for her to die, and it won't be a pleasant or quick death, when the cancer has distorted her body and the pain is relentless. There are many cases of this type of delusion, and they all end the same way: fewer good days than with evidence-based treatment, fewer days, more severe effects from the cancer, and the guilt of not having "believed" enough in "the cure" of woo woo.


Have they had the funeral yet?


So when's the funeral?


My wife's surgeon said he had a patient who tried the same thing. She was 24 years old and did not want to lose her breast. She was dead before she turned 26.


The cause-and-effect fallacy, and testimonials from strangers have killed many. There's a very good reason that "conventional medicine" is conventional. It's studied. True, there are many side-effects, just as there are from colonics (which have been debunked) and other so-called "natural" remedies. But one of the less common side-effects is death. Remission is very often achieved. I wish Tarley the best, and hope that she seeks treatment, and not just products and services that are advertised but proven ineffective. I have a family member who died from breast cancer, and a couple of others who were treated in time and are in remission (or cured), and lots of friends who made it too. Everyone I've known who has self-treated a lethal form of cancer has died from the disease.


At least she knows what’s going to kill her.


She looks absolutely fantastic for someone diagnosed over 9 months ago.

Any of you comment section “experts” know what you look like 9 months after you’ve cut off both breasts, received massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation, with 2nd degree burns on your skin and urine so toxic you need gloves to use the restroom without burning your hands... only to learn radionecrosis from the treatment has damaged your body more than tumors in breast tissue would have? I say good for her and shame on all of you and your ignorance.

“Chemotherapy and radiotherapy will make the ancient method of drilling holes in a patient's head to permit the escape of demons look relatively advanced.” - Jr. Krebs


You're absolutely right! thank you.
Anyone who doubts is more than welcome to go to the website of Dr. Day (I think its who also cured her breast cancer using natural means. (There used to be a picture of her breast tumor, prior to its healing, not sure if its still up on the site)
Other critical commenters - Ignorance need not kill you. Information re natural healing is out there, all you have to do is let it in.
ps glad she's doing C, that is ultra powerful and is what I would do, too. (intravenous)
And the emotional healing? God is all about that; I'd recommend this lady submit to His love and care and watch the healing begin! I speak from first-hand experience! :)


How is taking large doses of vitamin C intravenously a "natural" remedy?


Because the active ingredient is derived from natural sources.


Les - I had an uncle who decided on "natural" remedy to his cancer. He died about 2 years ahead of what his team of doctors said he would without ANY treatment.


Whatever. Why don't doctors tell cancer patients to just "go on a low-fat diet and get a colonic" if that's a feasible remedy? It's the same type of delusion shared by anti-vaxxers. 'Science is too harsh and has unwanted side effects, so I'll do what *I* think is best. Plus, I like the added attention from being a contrarian.' Morons.

Paul Labiche

If this story is legit than the next time we read her name it will be in the obits.


Many people have tried it and don't live very long. Caner spreads faster naturally then with meds and chemo. No such thing as a natural treatment to cancer. Might as well not do anything.

Joe Tax Payer

Steve Jobs tried that too and was dead shortly after his failed medical social experiment.


This article is irresponsible, and people reading it might do what this crazy person is doing and get themselves killed.


I really hope your Vetting her story. Because she sounds a lot like Belle Gibson. Who lied about brain cancer to profit. Have you spoken to HER medical doctor that diagnosed her condition?


Yes because doctors have so much free time and are willing to speak with journalists about patients... 🤷‍♂️ Just curious, other than trying a homeopathic treatment, how does she sound even a little like Belle Gibson, the Australian cookbook scammer?


As a matter of fact yest doctors do have time to talk to journalists about patients. Just because its on the news doesn't make it a true story. And she is profiting from it she has a go fund me page were she has raised almost $9000.


I’m not familiar with yest doctors, but oncologist work 55-65 hours not counting continued education and ongoing training. Any idea where I would find doctors talking to media about patients? Searching google I found promotional type interviews and articles about new technologies but nothing about specific patient treatment options.

I agree with you that just because it’s on the news doesn’t make it a true story... can you agree that just because she’s using a natural remedy doesn’t make it a scam?


Waitwhat the media can always find doctors wanting to talk on TV. Not saying those are the best doctors or if they just want the free advertising.

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