GILBERT (3TV/CBS 5) -- Bethanie Garcia has her hands full every day taking care of four young children.

But the Gilbert mother still makes time to bond with other moms through her blog, The Garcia Diaries.

She writes about tough topics like mental health, postpartum depression, and body image after baby.

"It's all about taking that filter off and saying, 'This is what really goes on behind the scenes,'" Garcia said. "I may look like I have it all together, but I'm a hot mess."

[WATCH: Gilbert mom fights back against social media body shaming]

A couple of weeks ago, Garcia and some mom friends posted a picture on social media to let women know they're not alone when it comes to losing weight and staying in shape after pregnancy.

Most of the comments were positive like, "Nice to see other mommies with bellies like mine."

But when the photo went viral, a wave of mean, body-shaming comments rolled in.

"It's not beautiful, you're fat and it's killing you."

"Fat, fat fatties."

"OMG.. how about dieting to begin with."

"A lot of them attacked our overall health, and how we mother, and I'd say a lot of them were very personal, and it was very disappointing to see so many women and mothers leaving comments like that," Garcia said.

Garcia went to explain that despite how hurtful some of the body-shaming comments were, it was a clear reminder that she did the right thing, letting struggling moms across the country know they're not alone.

"Beauty comes from within, and regardless if their body has stretch marks or cellulite, or how many pounds they are, they are beautiful and loved," Garcia said. "Now that I look at that photo, I'm so glad I did it and so proud we are helping so many moms feel represented in media."

"For every negative comment, there are 10 positive ones," she continued. "So, that's pretty amazing."

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