PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Friends said a murdered Arizona mother had traveled to Kentucky to support her children.

Amanda Webster, 26, was found dead in a Kentucky hotel room on Dec. 1.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Arizona woman found dead in Kentucky hotel room; man arrested]

Friends said Webster was in Kentucky working at an assembly plant.

They told Arizona's Family the mother of three looked for work in Arizona, but there were no jobs.

Just a few weeks before her death, Webster and a life-long friend, Kaveena Dan, got matching friendship tattoos.

It was one of their last times together.

"(The tattoo) has taken on a whole new meaning in so many different ways," Dan said. "It means a lot."

Police said a man confessed to killing Webster.

A motive in the case still is not known.


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That's really unfortunate and sad for this woman's children. The story doesn't really fit reality too well though. She just up and leaves her children and moves to the other side of the country? Supposedly there were no jobs in Arizona? There're jobs every where in AZ. I could go out today and get at least three jobs. Found dead in a motel room that her and some guy, the confessed killer, were in? She could have been kidnapped and brought to the motel room by the guy but so far there's no indication of that in the article. We're there drugs involved by him or her or both? Meth or heroin/opioids? If so, then this another example of a life and family ruined and lost by the tenticals of drugs smuggled into the United States. Build the U.S. border wall, fill the tunnels, give longer sentences to drug dealers, smugglers, and suppliers. Have zero tolerance for drugs in the United States. Do not let this poison into our country; stop it from ruining lives, destroying families, and taking mom's and dad's away from their children via overdose, killing, or murder that is in some way linked to drug use.


Daddy - just what I had been thinking but you stated it so well. I would also like to add that she could not have been too hard up for cash since she could afford to get a tattoo before she traveled 2000 miles to find a job. Something is absolutely amiss with this story.


You are reading a lot into this. The end result is a young lady, a young mother, was killed. If she was in the wrong place at the wrong time for the wrong reasons or the right reasons, murder is not deserved. That said, I am in full agreement on the having a real war on drugs but think perhaps that time is gone. However, I'd vote for it if offered.

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