PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The fate of the U.S. Senate race still hangs in the balance. Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally are now separated by 20,000 votes.

But there is a third person on that ballot: Angela Green.

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"I am just somebody who wanted to make a difference," said Green.

A business woman and mother, Green took a big leap running for the Senate seat under the Green party.

“Organic products, bringing farming back, those types of things,” said Green.

She says she wanted to give voters more options other than a Republican or Democrat candidate.

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“Let the people of Arizona choose. I want them to see that they have choices,” said Green.

She was up against some tough competition. McSally and Sinema were already household names. She says she's feeling a little frustrated some may not have considered her a serious candidate.

"I think if I would have been on the debates, I really really think, I know I could have been a contender,” said Green.

Days before the election, Green dropped out of the race.

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But it was too late to take her name off the ballot.

At the time our interview, she had captured 44,000 votes, but later in the night gained another 2,000.

"What hurts me the most is the people are the ones that [sic] really felt their votes were wasted,” said Green.

Now she's been accused of being a spoiler.

“Before we start throwing the 'spoiler,' unfortunately we are really not spoilers. If I told you 44,000 votes would have gone to Sinema, then yes you have a point there, but I don't know who those 44,000 second, third or fourth choices would have been."

She wants to see Arizona adopt "rank choice voting," where voters list their favorite candidates from first to last. It’s something being experimented with in several states.

“In rank choice voting at least you know that ‘Hey, I’ve picked first, second and third, my vote went somewhere.’ This one here, the vote went nowhere,” said Green.

She believes that way, a third-party candidate would have a better chance at success.

“We can do this, we really can, we just need a better system,” said Green.

Green is already looking ahead to the 2020 election. She says she plans to run again, for a different position. 


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Regarding your article "Former Green Party Senate candidate says don't call her a 'spoiler' :.....IF THE SHOE FITS?... Doesn't this happen in Arizona. Somebody runs for office, does not campaign, takes a few votes away from the challenger? Just Saying?


Empowered black women are so funny...


So are dickless white men ... if the shoe fits ...

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