GILBERT (3TV/CBS5) -- A just-released police report shows disturbing allegations about the former Gilbert Fire and Rescue captain accused of sex crimes against a child.

[WATCH: What public court documents reveal]

Queen Creek resident Michael Palmatier, 48, was arrested Wednesday morning.

He's accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, indecent exposure and kidnapping.

According to the police report, the alleged victim was an 8-year-old girl who lived in the area.

On Easter Sunday, Maricopa County sheriff's deputies were called out to a Queen Creek home.

The alleged victim said the incident happened at a party the day before.

The girl told deputies that a man, later identified as Palmatier, had taken off her pants and underwear and licked her body. She said the man also exposed his genitals to her.

When Palmatier was later confronted about the alleged incident, he "appeared to be extremely intoxicated," according to the police report. 

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Witnesses who had been at the party they observed Palmatier "abruptly leave the party" and that his "quick departure was not typical of him."

The next day, investigators interviewed the victim, who is in second grade.

According to the police report, the girl said she had fallen asleep on a bed at the home where the Easter party was going on, and that when she awoke, she found Palmatier was there, licking her body.

[WATCH: Palmatier's first court appearance]

The police report states that the girl said Palmatier "kept pulling her shorts down and licking her" and then pulled down his own pants and exposed himself.

The girl said she bolted off the bed and tried to escape to the bathroom, but she told police "he grabbed her arm and said WAIT." The girl yanked her arm away and ran into the bathroom, locking the door.

According to the police report, the girl spoke out through the locked door, telling the suspect "she would forgive him if he gave her shorts back to her (which he didn't do.)"

The police report states that a man who knows Palmatier says the former fire captain has "serious drug and alcohol issues." That acquaintance also told police that Palmatier had been "drinking during the day of the incident because he took a sip of Michael's drink."

The acquaintance also said "Michael has a penchant for young females around college age," according to the police report.

When police contacted Palmatier later, he said he was not doing well and admitted he "did some things he can't take back," stated the police report.

The report went on to say that Palmatier told police he was under the influence of alcohol and had "left the party to go home and drink more alcohol before going to bed. He woke up and went back to the"

According to the police report, Palmatier admitted to police that he went into the bedroom and began kissing the girl. He stated that "he didn't know why he thought that was OK or what the [expletive] he was thinking." He also claimed he thought he was "kissing" someone else.

Police say Palmatier began "crying uncontrollably and apologized... stating he let his demons get out."

Palmatier "admitted the entire thing was wrong but he would never knowingly do anything sexually to a juvenile," according to the police report.

The report goes on to say that Palmatier said: "I have a sick side to me, like a sexually sick side to me, but not in that way." It also states that Palmatier said, "This isn't me and I finally got caught."

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One of Palmatier's neighbors, Lloyd Rott, says the fire captain wasn't perfect, but he doesn't believe he would do what he's accused of. 

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"He had trouble I think. I thought he'd come out of it though," said Rott. "We had lunch together one day and had no problem. Why would a young fella like that be doing something like that?"

Prior to this week's arrest, Palmatier resigned from employment with the Town of Gilbert. He had worked there for more than 21 years. He taught in the EMT program at Chandler Gilbert Community College from January 2009 to May 2016. 


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(14) comments


put this link together its him admitting this https://i



Give me a break. About 3 in 10 officers and firefighters take steroids regularly as well as many regularly drink and drive. Few get caught and if they are caught they do not get busted they get driven home while the rest of us peons gets the book thrown at us. There are multiple sets of laws in this country if u havnt figured that oit yet you will.


That guy led to me divorcing my wife when she was a student in his EMT class. She was “college aged” sad that it went this far


A penchant for college age girls is one thing. An 8 year old is not a "college aged girl"

I guess the pedophiles love Arizona




Wow his looks sure fit the stereotype...


99% are white and usually boomers. Google sun city area for child molesters. The highest concentration is in the retirement communities.


White cancer strikes again


Aren't fire fighters randomly tested for drugs? If not why not? I sure do not want a drug crazed firefighter or EMT coming to my house. People depend on them to be able to make good decisions and have the ability to drive emergency vehicles. Come to think of it are police required to take random drug tests? Oh - he was a captain so probably managed to opt out of all required tests. Reportedly he resigned so he would not lose his state pension since he was not fired. Yes that is true folks, sate employees do not lose their pensions due to felonies if they resign before being fired.


Oh dean, you are very wrong on at least 2 counts. Gilbert firefighters (or Captains for that matter) are not state employees. Nor can anyone that works for the city "opt out" of random drug testing. I can't say for sure about the pension, but I think a felony conviction costs them their pension even if they are retired.


Oh breagen you are wrong on every count. No they are not state employees however they ARE on the state of Arizona retirement system. FACT I know several Gilbert employees who ARE on the state retirement system. They should not be able to opt out of the random drug testing but how else could this jerk not be caught drunk on the job. And no a felony conviction does NOT cost them any part of their pension. That fact was brought out a few years ago when it was discovered that there are actually felons in the state prison system who are pulling 20 to 30 year state pensions and nothing can be done about it. The only way to change it is for the legislator to change the laws, but then they could be cutting off their own noses when they are caught.


We need truth before assumptions, thank you for that. Although there is no difference between very wrong and wrong- either version of wrong is still wrong. Iirc, you are correct about correcting "Dean".

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