GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A former Gilbert Fire and Rescue captain has been arrested for an alleged incident that occurred when he was off-duty. 

The Maricopa County’s Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael Palmatier Wednesday morning.

[WATCH: Questions remain surrounding arrest of ex-Gilbert firefighter]

Palmatier, 48, has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, indecent exposure and kidnapping.

Prior to his arrest, Palmatier resigned from employment with the Town of Gilbert.

One of Palmatier's neighbors, Lloyd Rott, says the fire captain wasn't perfect, but he doesn't believe he would do what he's accused of. 

[WATCH: Gilbert firefighter arrested: What neighbors had to say]

"He had trouble I think. I thought he'd come out of it though," said Rott. "We had lunch together one day and had no problem. Why would a young fella like that be doing something like that?"

A city spokewoman says Palmatier worked for the Town of Gilbert for more than 21 years.

But a representative from the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System says Palmatier has 19.7 years of service as a first responder, leaving him just shy of a pension.

In the event that he does qualify for a pension, he would likely still receive it regardless of this arrest, unless a judge issues a court order to stop those payments. 

Details surrounding this arrest are unknown at this time. Arizona's Family has reached out to MCSO for more information. 

Gilbert officials say they are cooperating with MCSO’s investigation.


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(12) comments


put this link together its him admitting this https://i


Her he is someone fixed up his fb for him

Rico Rush

I have an idea Judge, why don't we take his pension, or which might be left of it and give it to the Victim and whomever was kidnapped. And put him in the LB me in the /\$$ prison


White cancer strikes again, since 1492!


He definitely fits the stereotype... That sounds about white


1974? ERISA. He gets a pension for working 7 years.... Might not get full pension...


Cultural pattern? (Sexual misconduct with minors, sex with dogs, inbreeding )


"D"getsjammedinhimeveryday - Sounds like you're referring to your peeps. Highest number of child molesters, highest number of rapists, the most mass shootings (a few times EVERY week in Chicago and other citays), the most serial killers. Man, are you guys ever going to stop the madness in your communitay?


Yes it’s your cultural daddy takesitinthebutt and per your culture always blaming someone else


Daddy always blaming others it’s typical of you racist hypocrites quick to blame others when it’s happening in your own household


Daddy is just upset because Gilbert is in the east valley. He hates when crime happens in his precious east valley.


He resigned in time to keep his pension. Yep AZ laws are really screwy as someone who is fired for a felony loses his pension, but if he quits first he keeps it. There are prisoners in AZ drawing state pensions.

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