GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A Phoenix food truck owner and chef is used to jumping into action, but it's usually in his mobile kitchen.

Tuesday morning, Loren Emerson, was riding in his food truck when he noticed something wrong.

[WATCH: Food truck driver helps save driver heading into traffic in Glendale]

Emerson and his Emerson Fry Bread crew were going from Glendale to Phoenix to set up for the lunch crowd but made an unexpected stop in Glendale near Luke Air Force Base.

"I see somebody slowly just coming by, and I just see his shadow just going back and forth," said Emerson.

He said a car was going suspiciously slow on Glendale near Dysart, so he told his wife Roxanne Wilson to stop the truck, and he ran over to help. He said the car was going west toward the base, but about to veer the wrong way down the road.

Emerson said he didn't want anyone to get hurt and he's glad another good Samaritan joined him.

They realized the driver was slumped over, semi-conscious, not responsive and appeared to be having a medical emergency. He said the driver was also in a military uniform.

"We kept punching that window, he couldn't get it done, he ran back, got a hammer and cracked that window through, and we got him out," said Emerson.

"I knew that someone was in trouble and I knew that we had to do whatever we could do to stop it," he added.

Wilson is proud.

"It doesn't surprise me. He's always helpful, and you see how he moves... he's like here one minute, here the other one," said Wilson.

First responders, including Glendale police, assisted with the scene.

Emerson hopes the man is OK.


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Not many people know this, but tortillas make great bandages...


Someone call ISE may be an illegal.


He’s Native American American, not illegal.


Native Americans are illegals by nature. Build that wall.


We should ask him what lessons he's learned from his ancestors failing to control immigration into their country...


Fry bread works equally well as a clotting agent...

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