MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Flagstaff police officer has died of an apparent suicide in Mesa.

Flagstaff police announced that Officer Daniel Beckwith died in the Mesa area on Monday.

Beckwith was involved in a deadly officer-involved shooting in February of 2018. 

Officials said Beckwith and another officer shot a 78-year-old suspect after he failed to comply with orders. Both officers were placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Both were cleared of any wrongdoing from that incident. 

In June of 2018, Beckwith was granted paid leave for medical reasons. 

According to Flagstaff police, Beckwith and his wife moved to Mesa shortly after.

Beckwith had recently been granted medical retirement, and had a scheduled hearing in just two weeks to finalize it. 

Flagstaff police said the family is asking for privacy right now, and funeral arrangements are unknown at this time. If you would like to donate to the family, you can click here to help out. 

Beckwith was with the department since July of 2014. 

Anyone who is contemplating suicide, can reach the Behavioral Crisis Hotline at 1-877-756-4090.


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(14) comments


Some of the comments on here below my mind. This man left two daughters and a wife behind. He was someone who chose to protect and serve our community. That alone should entitle him to some kind words. No one can ever know how this man felt unless they walked in his shoes and the comments on here (and you know who you are) make me sick. His daughters could one day read this. This is what is wrong with our country these days ignorant people making ignorant comments. If you cannot offer this family a kind word then keep your mouth shut. This man is not here to defend him self. I know firsthand what it feels like to want to die to be in a position where you are in such a black hole you cannot get out of it. No matter how much help you seek no matter what you do you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. And unless you have been there Keep your eye on educated ignorant comments to yourself.


MyOwnMind is a little btch... you're doing no1 any favors with your comments. just taking up oxygen for the rest of us


I'm very sorry for this young man and his family. May his family find peace.


For those who really appreciate it when the cops shoot someone, know this: It's not healthy to take a human life. Lots of people can't live with it, even if some people reading a story on a site like this think it's great. I would hate to ever be in the position this poor man was in. Now he rests. And his loved ones sorrow over his loss.


It's not healthy to be you.


So true...RIP braveheart and may the understanding of your toils and trials be a lesson in love to those who live on. Peace be with you in your mourning and to all who strive to listen and learn in order to ease the suffering shared by so many a man...


Yet another of the unseen hazards police officers must face. Truly unfortunate this young officer didn't seek or couldn't get the help he needed. Let's hope this incident serves as a cautionary tale to other officers everywhere.


Apparently you have never know someone in this position. I have. He was a dear friend to many of us and we did all we could to help him. A couple of guys even found out he had gone to central Colorado and went to bring him back. When he got back he enrolled in a help program that seemed to be doing some good. When he killed himself he left two little girls and a beautiful wife. The church where his funeral was held had 3000 seats and there was not room for everyone who came.


Thank you for this timely and poignant comment, Dean. I am sorry about your friend. And I find your comment moving.


You find it moving a bunch of controlling jerks prolong someones desire to end their life? I find it ignorant and demeaning. If he wants to die, let him. Lord knows I'd want to spending any time around you.




oh shut up sun city


It’s what human beings who have had the experience of suffering and been met with the affects of empathy, care and understanding do to be a part of the solution (it may help, it may not, but surely doesn’t hurt...) and you can, too. If not, so be it - but be careful in underestimating the power of simple concern, especially when it comes from a place of feelings in identification with personal choice, such as yours. Your insight could be meaningful in the life of another if you want it to.


Evidence in the honoring of a life well lived, however the means of untimely death...appreciate your sharing and sorry for your loss.

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