FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The Flagstaff Police Department released the body-camera video on Tuesday of the fight between a man and an officer that led to the officer shooting the man.

[GRAPHIC VIDEO: Body camera shows fight, shooting involving a Flagstaff PD officer]

Police said Ofc. Nick Rubey stopped Matthew Dearing, who was riding his bicycle, on East Route 66 near Main Street on Monday. Rubey told Dearing that he had a warrant out for his arrest.

[ORIGINAL STORY: PD: Flagstaff officer shoots man after getting pepper sprayed]

Rubey tried to put Dearing on the ground and a scuffle ensued, police said.

In the video, Rubey tells Dearing multiple times to get on the ground and Dearing refuses-- that's when Rubey pepper sprays him. 

The two are still involved in the scuffle when it looks like Dearing pulls out a weapon.

"You drop that [expletive] knife!" said Rubey.

"I don't have a knife," replied Dearing as he pepper sprays Rubey.

[FULL GRAPHIC VIDEO: Body-camera shows officers pepper spraying, shooting man in Flagstaff]

Rubey's eyesight is blurred and then he shot Dearing, hitting him in the neck area, according to police.

Dearing can be heard on the video still talking but in pain.

He was taken to the hospital and is still there as of Tuesday evening.

Rubey had only minor injuries and didn't need to go to the hospital.


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(11) comments


Probable cause for stopping this guy?


Too bad the cop wasn't a better shot.


This shooting was well justified but the officer could've handled the whole situation better from the very beginning. Why don't police forces teach simple deescalation techniques to their officers? This officer sounds like a decent guy and he's not a jerk. A few psychological tools in his tool belt and he would've calmly arrested this guy.


This whole thing was handled in a ridiculous way from beginning to end. An older, more experienced cop probably wouldn't have stopped this guy. And what a stupid thing to do, to OC a cop. OC'ing a cop will lead to nothing but major problems in your life one way or another. I wouldn't have even stopped this guy though unless I knew he had a felony warrant.


Fire the reporter. He can't seem to write more than one line at a time. He's annoying and I'm sure his momma was so happy when he grew up. Fire the cop for being so close and not killing the scum. Now we have to pay for him to be locked up.


I think the cop handled this well. You can't pepper spray a cop and expect not to get shot. Glad no one is dead.


Um, you do realize that the suspect pepper sprayed the officer’s CAMERA which blurred the image, right? Because the article says it blurred the officer’s VISION, which it might have done as well but there is nothing in the video or in the story to indicate that is what happened. The article is written as though because the image was blurred the officer’s vision was blurred. You do realize we’re not seeing through the officer’s eyes?


Mr know it all. How do you know where the officer’s camera was located? If it was on his epaulet then the spray would’ve been able to hit his face. SMH


really? What I saw was the officer shoot the dude and at that precise moment the video got blurry. Most likely because american snowflakes can't handle seeing someone get shot.


It blurred the image into a perfect square the moves wherever the suspect moves? You need to watch the video to the end. The pepper spray did not hit the camera. At the end of the video the video stream is crystal clear except for the small area over the suspect.

John S

The camera is worn like glasses. You can see the camera move when the officer moves his head.

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