FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Firefighters braved the winter weather to save a dog who got stuck near a dam at Lake Mary near Flagstaff on Tuesday.

Northern Arizona Animal Search and Rescue team members found the dog and tried to help it on Monday, firefighters said. The dog was extremely scared and wouldn't come to them. They placed a dog crate to try to lure the dog safely so they could get him off the back side of the dam. At the time, the water was flowing over the dam but not that quickly.

On Tuesday, the team came back to check on the dog and the dog was still there. However, because of the rain and the snow melting, the water was flowing faster, making it more dangerous to try to rescue him, firefighters said.

So Flagstaff Fire Department crews came out, put on ice water rescue suits and made their way through the water to the dog crate. They put food in the crate and left. That's when the dog went into the crate and the door closed behind him.

Firefighters then went back to the crate and took it with the dog inside to safety.

Crews said the dog was tired and cold but in good health.

The animal rescue members took the dog and went to a veterinarian clinic in Flagstaff to have him checked out.

Firefighters encouraged people to stay safe when checking out Lake Mary.

"Anytime it is cold out and there is water moving swiftly we do not encourage people to try to rescue animals or your own pets when it is risky," the fire department said.


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(2) comments


seriously? We risk peoples lives over an animal? Send a bill to the owner.


It's actually good training. I doubt they thought it was high risk of life loss.

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