PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-- Three people are dead and three firefighters are hurt following a crash in Phoenix Sunday morning. 

The crash involving a Phoenix fire truck and a pickup truck occurred at around 9:15 a.m. at 29th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. 

[VIDEO: Multiple injuries reported in serious crash involving Phoenix fire truck]

According to Sgt. Vince Lewis, the fire truck was heading to a structure fire nearby when the collision happened. Lewis added the fire truck had its lights and sirens on. 

[PHOTOS: Fire truck involved in deadly crash in Phoenix]

Two adults and a 4-month-old baby were inside the truck at the time of the crash. 

Phoenix police said 20-year-old Kenneth Collins was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 4-month-old child, Kenneth Collins Jr., and 19-year-old Dariana Serrano were taken to the hospital where they died from their injuries.

[WATCH: Uncle of baby killed in fire truck crash has words for injured firefighters]

[VIDEO: Police identify three people killed in crash involving Phoenix fire truck]

All three firefighters were transported to Banner University Medical Center and treated for their injuries.

One of the firefighters has been released from the hospital.

The other two firefighters remain at the hospital for observation.

Witnesses who saw the accident say it sounded like a bomb exploding.

"You could hear a big boom. You could hear that truck go boom, boom, boom three times; it flipped three times," said Pete Benitez, who says the crash happened right in front of him as he was driving.

“I heard the siren coming down the street and I heard the engine and then all of a sudden I heard the explosion,” said Deacon Bryan Root, who was opening the doors to the church that was right near the accident site. He heard the horrific crash and then tried to help.

[VIDEO: Fire truck, pickup collide in deadly crash that killed 3]

“The siren stopped immediately and I heard multiple booms and I knew something bad had happened,” said Root.

That boom was the pickup truck and fire truck colliding.

"We just saw them flipping! We saw this one flip and this one flip," said Benitez.

Although police are still investigating, it appears the pick-up truck turned left in front of the fire truck. The force of the crash caused the fire truck to roll several times and come to a rest in a school yard. 

"The blue pickup truck he turned right in front of them,” said Benitez.

“I ran as fast as I could over there and saw a fire truck laying in the middle of the field. And they had kicked out the windshield and were crawling through the windshield,” said Root.

[VIDEO: The latest on a deadly crash involving a Phoenix fire truck]

Root tried to help when he saw the firefighters seriously and he says even in their state of injury and in and out of consciousness, their instinct to help was still intact.

“When they pulled them out it looked like they had at least concussions, but very severe lacerations all over their head and they were discombobulated. The firemen immediately were getting emotional because they seemed to know what had happened to the people in the truck right away. They wanted to go help but they were told just to lie there,” said Root.

The names of the victims and firefighters have not been released at this time. 

Bethany Home Road was closed for hours from 27th to 31st avenues, finally reopening around 9:30 p.m.

[PHOTOS: Fire truck involved in deadly crash in Phoenix]

The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation.

It is policy, that a firetruck may go 10 miles over the posted speed limit while responding to a call with lights and sirens.


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(24) comments


Great job protecting your young family there "dad".......


>>That boom was the pickup truck and fire truck colliding.>>

No... really? who would have thought?

Jim B

People are so stupid today. They do not for police cars, fire trucks anymore.


less hungry mouths on the welfare


I pray you're next


you are a piece of trash

Uncle Leo

Nothing good happens in the Avenues. That's where people and dreams go when they are ready to die.

JF Conlon

What an odd thing to say about half the population here (and their dreams).


6 month old just starting to sit up becoming involved in things around them and just like that gone.great sadness for everyone


Why? Typical parent these days. they put their children's life in danger rather than drive two blocks West to be able to make a protected left at a light. He and his family paid the price of laziness.


laziness? we barely have anything to go off of right now, so many people quick to throw shade.... I have seen lots of your comments, you throw so much shade it's honestly funny...


We need shade it's getting warmer outside!


Everyone needs to strictly 'focus on driving' and being aware of what is going on around them. Whether its motorcycles, pedestrians or emergency vehicles.




"The crash involving two vehicles occurred NEAR THE AREA of 29th Avenue "
Kind of narrows it down, unfortunately.


Cause of the crash unknown? Sadly, it is pretty obvious. Its one of two..Either the truck was going along, and this pickup pulled out in front of it..which is bad....or the firtetruck blasted through an intersection without using due caution..which is also bad. Sad in any event.


No intersection in the 'immediate' area.


Yeah, that's why I posted the second quote from the story. They said "In the area of...", which means it was not at an intersection.


stuff it snowflake.




I say no matter what, they as fire trucks, police, sheriff and anyone that is speeding in a city vehicle is at the same as anyone, and yes it was at an intersection . The truck was probably a little distance from the light when it turned green and didn't hear the fire trucks cause come we all have had a cop or something with a siren on and we not hear it until we look in the mirror. I think it is the fire trucks fault for not slowing down to a reasonable speed to be able to stop at all intersections. Just my feelings.


I bet your are feeling REALLY stupid right now. Every word of your retrded rant is wrong. It did NOT happen at an intersection. This is what happens when retrds run their mouths without knowing a dam thing. Plus, you will almost NEVER see a firetruck blast through an intersection. I see them slow do almost to a stop, even when they have the green.


You are correct about emergency vehicles being extremely cautious and driving very defensively. They obviously had no time to avoid this situation, unfortunately.


Please see my comment....its everyone's responsibility to be aware, pay attention, put down the phones. Look at the photos, the accident happened a great distance from an intersection. This was human error, 'inattention'. If you not sure if you can make a turn, take a breathe and wait. Nothing is worth taking that chance ;) Trust me, this couple will never get a second one...

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