PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A cyclist who was competing in the Bike the Buff race in Show Low died from his injuries sustained after a driver plowed through a group of cyclists. "It's been three weeks to the day that he's been fighting and I think that's just a testament in itself the amazing athlete that he was," said Shawna Glazier, a cyclist who was also racing that day. "To be able to race the way we were racing, you have to have a strong mental ability and I was hoping people would find peace knowing that he literally fought. He had so many different surgeries and he held on for a really long time."

Glazier said she didn't know 58-year-old Jeremy Barrett personally but was by his side after the crash happened. "The bodies were just still. Like one was in the gutter upside down. There were bodies and they weren't moving--except for Jeremy. Jeremy was talking and moving and in my mind, I was like, 'He's OK. He's going to be fine.' And he's not," Glazier said.

Show Low bicycle crash

Seven bicyclists were taken to the hospital.

The incident happened on June 19. Show Low police say Shawn Michael Chock, 36, sped into the cyclists and then hit a telephone pole and backed out of the crowd as cyclists pounded on the truck's windows screaming for him to get out, according to witnesses. Chock then drove down the road, turned around and headed back toward the cyclists before driving away.

Police caught up with Chock outside a nearby hardware store and shot him. Chock was hospitalized in Flagstaff until his release on July 2 and is in jail in Navajo County. Glazier said she was in the group of racers behind Barrett's when they came upon the crash.

"I just had all the women line up behind me and tried to navigate them through the crash site because it is customary in road racing, if another category crashes, they normally take care of themselves and you're supposed to just kind of go through it and not stop," Glazier explained. "I didn't even look at what was on the ground until they started screaming and it was very obvious that this wasn't just a bicycle accident. Something very bad had happened. There was one girl who instantly went into ER mode, trauma mode. There were no paramedics there yet so we were forced to start the triage. A lot of us were just in shock, not knowing what to do, really you felt like you weren't qualified to even be seeing what we were seeing, let alone know how to help."

Glazier said she helped one of the injured men call his wife, who happened to be standing next to Barrett's mother, who was asking if he was OK. "I told Jeremy, 'your mom's going to meet you at the hospital,'" Glazier said.

Barrett's girlfriend was also racing that morning, but her group got canceled at the starting line after word got out about the crash. Glazier helped console both injured and non-injured cyclists. She said Barrett was asking how his friends were as paramedics helped him.

Police shoot driver who allegedly hit bicyclists, injuring 7 in Show Low

"In that chaos moment of just having those dramatic injuries and being struck by a truck, just all the emotion of getting ready for that day, that his mind was on where are his friends, I think that's just so special that's what he cared about. It was selfless, it was completely selfless," Glazier said.

Glazier said two other cyclists are still in the hospital with serious injuries. In total, seven were taken to the hospital. There is a GoFundMe account for the victims.

Chock was indicted last week on nine counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count each of fleeing an accident and unlawful flight. The Navajo County Attorney is expecting more charges in the wake of Barrett's death.

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