PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Phoenix Police may have a new recruit on their hands. Five-year-old Jack Allison has been patrolling his neighborhood for the last two months after someone broke into his garage. 

"We got robbed, and robbers stole our Tesla," Jack explained.

Jack is talking about his toy Tesla that he drives around his cul-de-sac near Dreamy Draw Drive. 

[WATCH: Kid cop on the lookout in Phoenix after theft of his mini Telsa]

"Our house is detached from our garage. So they came in, they didn't come into the house as you would expect with a garage, and they came in and stole the clicker out of my car," Tiffany Allison, Jack's mom, said. "What happened was they kept coming back to steal a piece at a time. We didn't really notice until finally his Tesla was gone, an electric bike was gone, the kid stuff was gone."

Tiffany said she just assumed she misplaced her garage clicker until she noticed more and more items were going missing. 

"No, no--this is the funny news--they forgot their chargers!" Jack chimed in. 

His mom said that after the thefts, it changed the 5-year-old's outlook on life. 

"All of a sudden everything became about, 'What are the bandits going to take next? If we get this, are the bandits going to take it? If I leave this, are the bandits going to take it?' And then it turned into him like, 'I'm going to catch all the bandits/ and I'm going to start patrolling!'" Allison said.

"I get to protect people," Jack said proudly. 

Jack put together a police uniform with a "bulletproof vest" and toy guns and started finding "evidence" in his neighborhood. 

"I've been seeing these papers all over the wash," he said. 

The only thing missing was his patrol car. 

Silent Witness officers with the Phoenix Police Department overheard Jack's mom talking about getting him a new toy car and decided to step in to help deliver it. His family bought him a new Tesla, and it came with a police escort into his neighborhood. They also gave him a badge, that he proudly keeps in his front shirt pocket. 

"Now we're on patrol. All the time," Allison said. "He's going to catch bad guys. Period. This is his new life goal, to catch bad guys." 

The pint-sized police officer also has a message for any criminals who decide to come into his neighborhood.

"When they try to get out, I'll be watching," Jack said. 


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