Father's Day baby

Marcos Arechiga was happy to get his Father's Day thunder stolen by his newborn daughter named Maya.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Phoenix dad got the ultimate gift this Father's Day when his second child was delivered at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.

Marcos Arechiga was happy to get his Father's Day thunder stolen by his newborn daughter named Maya.

He and his wife, Brianda, had no idea Maya was coming on Father's Day.

"We were just focusing on the birth. I didn't even notice it was Father's Day," said Marcos.

He says it's better than Christmas.

"It's going to be really tough to have another special occasion like today," said Marcos. "I haven't seen any other gifts or present that's going to be more meaningful and better than this."

He says Maya's Father's Day birthday is an affirmation of the man he is.

"I'm not only celebrating myself," said Marcos. "It's like every year I have something to remind me of what I'm celebrating, why I'm a father. So, I think that makes the day more special."

Marcos also gave all the praises to his wife, Brianda, for delivering such a great gift.

"Just seeing what they go through being a mom, being pregnant, taking care of the family. She works. She does everything," said Marcos. "For a guy, it is really tough to work and do different stuff. For a mom taking care of the family, work and still be your support it's, I mean, I'm really proud of her. I got the best wife."

Brianda appreciates the holiday because she believes dads don't get enough props.

"Fathers don't really get the credit they deserve I think. It's all about mothers. We get all the praise and what not. So it is nice that they are recognized," said Brianda. "I don't have an actual father. I have a stepfather. So, to me, it is more meaningful because of that."

So, who's going to get the attention during the future Father's Days to come? Brianda says her husband and daughter will have to figure it out among themselves.

"It's up to them. They are going to fight it out," she said with a laugh. "It's the first girl in my family for a long time. There haven't been many little girls. The youngest is probably 19 or 20. So, this [Maya] is the baby right now."

When it comes to Father's Day, Marcos doesn't mind his daughter getting all the attention.

"That day is just going to be Maya's birthday every year," he said.


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