PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) - As we prepare for record heat to arrive, it's important remember to never leave your kids or pets unattended in a car.

One lucky survivor of a hot car experience is 2-year-old German Shepard, Suzie. Back on May 21, Glendale police officers had to rescue her from a hot car.

WATCH VIDEO: Dog rescued from hot car in Glendale prior to excessive heat watch

“It was said that she was left in a hot vehicle for more than 6 hours,” said Bretta Nelson who is with the Arizona Humane Society.

She was immediately taken to the nearest emergency clinic, where her temperature was recorded to be 104.2 degrees... Two more degrees higher and Suzie may have suffered from organ damage.

This coming week, the hottest temperatures of the year will move into the Valley and we're already starting to see that heat spike as we prepare for an excessive heat watch in the upcoming days.

“This time of year you have to keep your pets indoors,” said Nelson.

Luckily, Suzie's story had a happy ending but that's not always the case. Her story serves as an important reminder to never leave children or pets in a car unattended, especially during this scorching time of year.

“Cars are like ovens, so even on a 60-70 degree day it can be deadly. To think that a German Shepard of her size with the amount of fur that she has was in a vehicle for that amount of time and lived to tell the story is pretty amazing,” said Nelson.

Nelson says Suzie is healthy and doing great, she’s now up for adoption at the Arizona Humane Society.

Remember, as temperatures climb to 110 degrees this week, The Phoenix Fire Department says that temperatures inside a vehicle can reach 50-degrees higher than outside temperatures and in a matter of minutes children and pets can go into distress. 


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(4) comments

JF Conlon

Thanks AHS! Sure wish you didn't have to keep warning people that it's HOT inside cars. In summer. In Arizona! But keep on trying. And, thanks.




But it is OK for a cop to kill a valuable K9 cop doing the same thing.


The Arizona inhumane Society been there, done that never again..!!!!

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