SEDONA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Republican State Rep. Walt Blackman told Arizona's Family that cities should have the power to regulate short-term rentals.

Right now, cities can't regulate due to a 2016 law that Governor Doug Ducey signed. Community advocates said the law is having a devastating effect in Sedona.

Sedona short-term rental regulation

"Its just been devastating, what people were told when the law was passed 'oh this will be for people like grandma to rent out a room and make a little income," and that is not at all what happened," said Debra Stangl, the founder of 'Save Our Sedona.'

Instead, Stangl, a more than 20-year resident, said corporations came in and started renting out homes, leading to an affordable housing crisis.

"There is basically nowhere to live in Sedona unless you have a six-figure income, definitely hardly anything to rent," said Stangl.

Rep. Blackman said he isn't against short-term rentals but believes that big government should not restrict cities and towns from regulating short-term rentals. Now, he wants legislation this session to give power back to cities and towns.

"The best government is the government closest to the people, mayors, city councils. They are capable of doing this. This is not a state issue," said Rep. Blackman.

A welcome idea for Stangl. "Shouldn't Sedona get to decide what's happening in their own neighborhoods?"

Similar legislative efforts to give the power back to cities fell short in the last session, but Rep. Blackman said he would do all he could to get it on the Governor's desk this session.

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