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The two winning messages of the contest

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Drivers will be seeing two funny messages on freeway displays this weekend that were created by two contest winners.

It was a close contest, but a message about dogs and a play on words won Arizona Department of Transportation's Safety Message Contest.

Mitzie Warner from Chandler was one winner, and her message was "Drive like the person your dog thinks you are."

"I was so excited, I was crying," Warner said when asked her reaction about winning.

She said she came up with it randomly while driving her toddler to preschool.

While her message is funny, it has a serious point.

"I hope they take a step back, and they realize that our pets see that best in us, even on our worst days. Our pets see the best in us. If we can provide those characteristics on a daily basis and put it behind the wheel maybe we'll hear fewer stories about aggressive drivers out on our roads," said Warner.

The other winner was David Posey of San Tan Valley with his message of "Drink & drive? Meet police & see new bars."

"I put two different signs that I had seen (on the internet) together and came up with one," said Posey.

He said he didn't expect to win.

"I was pretty excited when I got the email; it was kind of different," said Posey.

Warner's message went up on Friday afternoon and Posey's message will be on the freeway displays from 1 p.m. Saturday to 7 p.m. Sunday.


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(5) comments

Curious George

Better idea for the messages... HANDS-FREE DRIVING NOT FOR ME! REPEAL THE LAW A.S.A.P.


I like that one! I would definitely take my eyes off the road just to read that.


And David Posey shows up in a muscle shirt to receive his recognition. Way to represent Arizonans for the rednecks they are! #noclass


Stupid! More distractions, that's all this is!


those are pretty lame.

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