PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Authorities in Peoria are on scene of a fiery collision that has left one dead at the intersection of Lake Pleasant and Westwing Parkway.

Peoria Fire Department spokesman Chief Steve Kelley says one of the two cars involved burst into flames after the impact.

Kelley says there are multiple patients being treated for injuries. One person is being flown to a local hospital and three others are being taken by ambulance. 

One person didn't survive the collision, Kelley says.

Peoria police say north and south bound Lake Pleasant Parkway is closed from the Loop 303 to Pinnacle Vista for the collision investigation.


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is it laziness or apathy? Does it ever occur to ANY of you “journalists” that readers might just want to hear how the collision happened? Some of the worst “reporting” I’ve ever witnessed goes on here.


Sadly, these left-leaning news outlets feel compelled to hire millennial graduates, who otherwise have zero life experiences. So rather than have someone with common sense, reporting, and clearly stating what is known and yet to be known, you get a fancy headline, and a story completely lacking of body or substance.


Azfamily - Most people under about 60 years of age are illiterate (and yes, lazy.) They are the generation who thinks spell-check and auto-correct are excuses for poor grammar as opposed to a tool for improving their writing. I know we'd like to think journalism would be different, but why would it? Reporters/editors simply reflect current society. (Just read these comments and you can easily see who is over or under that 60 cutoff. Take note - it's fascinating or should I say frightening??)


We are doomed. I like your post, though.

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