PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The family of the man shot and killed by Phoenix Police does not deny he had run into trouble.

Police said Jacob Harris pulled a gun on them following an armed robbery on Jan. 11.

[ORIGINAL STORY: PD: Armed robbery suspect shot by Phoenix police officers; 3 others in custody]

Harris’ father told Arizona’s Family he had no idea his son ran in such a dangerous circle.

According to Roland Harris Jr., Harris had just applied for a job and had been teaching basketball to kids. The 19-year-old was also hoping to provide for his two young children.

All of Harris’ efforts came to an end on Friday morning with a police confrontation that took away his life.

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“My son wouldn't have shot at them,” Roland Harris Jr. insisted. “It’s not in him. He's not a gang member."

Harris’s father said police gave him three different versions of what happened to him.

His father maintained that lethal force should have never been considered.

“(Police) got the bulletproof vests on, (they) got the bulletproof vehicles... why are you shooting?" he asked.

Then there is the issue of Harris’ accomplices, all of whom are believed to have committed a series of robberies with him.

In the aftermath of the shooting, they have each been charged with first-degree murder of Harris.

“They didn't murder him,” said Harris Jr. “The Phoenix police officers are the ones who took his life."

It is still not known if there is body camera footage of the incident. Should there be such video, Harris’s father insists he wants to see it to know exactly what led up to his son's death.

“I'm not saying ‘charge the officers with murder,’ I just want a thorough investigation."


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(15) comments


The father will get all of his questioned answered in time. At that point, I would hope he'll accept the facts and offer an apology to the police department and public for what his son did.


Junior was doing wrong. If this were my kid who chose death despite my best efforts, I'd be laying low in shame.


[angry] Police are provided little credit and praise for what they do on a daily basis. They leave their lives at the door when they dawn their gear and get into a patrol car and dedicate their lives to helping others, helping those they don't know. With this being said it is crazy to think that someone, even while grieving, would think a Police officer should not shoot a person who points a gun at them. They are not there to have coffee with that subject there are there to protect lives at all costs. Sometimes those costs are very high. Grieve your child but understand he created the circumstances that lead to his demise not the other way around. We enacted laws to keep everyone safe, conform and obey and live another day.


Why do you even print a stupid story like this. Don't give these people a voice that doesn't make any sense. These people need to learn you point a gun at a police officer their not going to wait for you to shoot first. Hate to see anybody die but he put himself in that position.


Also Roland Harris, anyone who is involved with an armed robbery where someone gets kills, regardless of who or why, is guilty of murder. And I sure would not want my grand kids being taught anything by someone like your son.


There is a problem here. Somehow people have the perception that it is ok to break the law and that complying with law enforcement is optional. AZFamily, the way you present this story is not helping. Where is the common sense side?

Comment deleted.

You're evidently lost, richie. You're supposed to be somewhere. But not here. I don't know of a place your comments, or even your screen name would be welcomed.


Obviously he is father who is grieving for the loss of his son. I can understand that. But hopefully soon he realizes that his son had not only committed a robbery but several robberies. His son exited the vehicle and pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officers. His son had a death wish at that point. The police wear bullet proof vest but the vest only covers a small area of the body. The vehicles are not bulletproof so he must be confused with the President's car. The police did their job and now must live with the knowledge that they were FORCED to take the life of a criminal who was trying to kill them. Hopefully the other 3 criminals will get a life sentence and we the taxpayer will be forced to support them. I would like to see the father go through some of the training the police go through and see how does when a 'suspect' pulls a gun on him. Does he try to talk them out of shooting him or does he shoot them? And if he talks, then he should realize that means most likely he will be killed and he will leave his family behind.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Your nonsense has no place in society. Go post on the Stormer, where you belong alng with other low functioning crazies.


That fathers an idiot. Time after time it;s always somebody else fault. I don't know why you print these stories.

AZ Native

Same old story - "Oh, but he was a good boy". Yeah when he was 5 years old. Sorry, people get mixed with the wrong crowd and they aren't going to tell their parents. Been there with a son, it's shocking when you find out. Sorry for his loss but the young man placed himself in the situation, not the Police.


Roland Harris Jr. the problem with your son is you. Had you raised him properly he 1) would not have 2 children at the age of 19 and 2) would not have even had a gun with him - which at his age is illegal anyway - to pull on the police. To you anti gun idiots, the law already exists to keep those under 21 from having a gun.


He pointed a gun at the police. He had just robbed a place using the same gun. End of story.
'But the cops wear bulletproof vests' is pure foolishness. As if the police are supposed to let an armed felon shoot first. Geez.


Mr. Harris, I'm sorry for your loss but your statement "“(Police) got the bulletproof vests on" is crazy. NOW, you want the POLICE to stand there and be shot at because they have a "bulletproof vest" on. I really don't think that's going to happen


And the police could NEVER be shot in the (non-bulletproof) head or femoral artery by some worthless punk. That young man's death is SOLELY his responsibility.

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