PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Family members on Friday identified the woman killed in a shootout between federal agents and suspected human traffickers in Ahwatukee. 

Her name is Theresa Medina-Thomas.

[WATCH: Grandparents want answers in granddaughter's death]

The incident happened just before 10 a.m. Thursday near 48th Street just south of Elliot Road.

Four federal agents were hospitalized and four other people were hurt , according to the Phoenix Police Department.

[SEE: Ahwatukee community recalls ICE-involved gun battle]

Of the four agents hurt, two of them were shot, according to Councilman Sal DiCiccio's office. 

[VIEW: Human smuggling investigation turns to shooting with ICE]

DiCiccio's office told Arizona's Family that Phoenix police briefed them on the situation.

According to police, one of the suspects was armed with an assault rifle.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the shooting was connected to a human smuggling investigation. 

[WATCH: Gunfight involving ICE broke out in Ahwatukee community]

A source tells Arizona's Family that the four agents involved had injuries that aren't life-threatening.

Phoenix police said ICE agents were trying to stop a driver and make an arrest. All five suspects were in the vehicle.

Investigators said the suspect tried to run, but the agents forced the vehicle to stop.

[PHOTOS: Police situation in Ahwatukee]

That's when the front-seat passenger opened fire on the agents.

They returned fire.

Medina-Thomas, who was identified to Arizona's Family by her grandparents, died at the scene. The other four were taken to the hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening.

"There was [sic] a lot of shots and you know, it wasn't just a couple, it was like repeated for awhile. I mean it was enough time to where I got out of bed, I went outside, I walked out the backdoor and there's still bullets being shot," said Brady Buchberger whose grandfather lives near where the shootout happened. 

"I was like, 'oh man there's a shootout!' I was ducking down because bullets could fly through the house, I didn't know where the shots were coming from," Nick Dalton said. "I was trying to count because I thought eventually somebody's gotta run out of bullets but it just wouldn't stop."  

[VIDEO: ICE agents involved in shooting in Ahwatukee]

Authorities have not released any other information about the suspects.

According to a statement released Thursday afternoon by ICE, "special agents discharged their firearms, striking two suspects while executing a federal felony arrest warrant connected to human smuggling."

[VIDEO: Heavy police scene after shooting in Ahwatukee]

ICE says the Phoenix Police Department is investigating the incident, and ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility is reviewing the incident.


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(42) comments


In her next life she needs to make better choices in the company she keeps.


Since she was driving I suspect she was the ringleader of the group.

Wyoming redneck

For all you geographical challenged, the West Valley doesn't begin till you pass 101.


Maybe you're new here. The East Valley is Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, some of East Phoenix, and unfot Mess. The cities west of these areas are the West Valley.


Wyo - Maybe you're new here. The East Valley is Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, some of East Phoenix, and unfot Mess. The cities west of these areas are the West Valley.


*Correction:. and unfortunately Mesa.


No, you’re ok calling Mesa - Mess. Most of Mesa is a mess!


Central Ave is the east/west dividing line and Washington St is the north/south dividing line. Also, Daddy must have forgotten about Dwight Lamon Jones or Jozef Miller since he thinks there are never killings in Scottsdale.


Well central Phoenix doesn't exist in any of these completely arbitrary comments. Good LUCK with opinion, hopefully you'll get a committee some day. Barney Fife f-twatz.


FkGritz an the rest of this trailer trash talkers are nothing but a bunch of pedophiles .,should with start with FRITZ or DADDY or obeylaws ... you people are disgusting to bad that you breath the same air as I do .


Calm down Azworst, you know you love us.


How many more people have to die from these invaders? The crime is out of control. Build the wall !


Finish The U.S. Border Wall.
Stop the crisis.


Too bad the ones who were shooting at the agents didn't get killed, she might have been one of the shooters. Now charge the rest of them with her murder.


Sadly the spread of the 'brown cancer' will not be slowed by the death of one smuggler - but it's still a small step in the right direction. Be a PATRIOT - DEFEND your country - support efforts to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Jim B

And we now have a newly elected congresswoman who wants to get rid of ICE. Keep up the good work ICE


Where is the "West-side" hater on this one?


Pfffff, you have NEVER read or heard me use the term that you used in your comment to describe the West Valley. These clowns driving through Ahwatukee were no doubt connected to and heading towards the West Valley aka the violence and murder infested blight of Arizona. I unfortunately had to make a brief trip over there yesterday. I think I was near 35th Avenue and Thunderbird, idk, it all looks like the same mess over there and yes, I felt like I was in danger of being carjacked the entire time I was over there. Not to mention the filth on the parking lot I had to briefly step onto, no telling what got on the bottom of my shoes from that parking lot.


Yeah you tell them Daddy. I see you are against criminals as long as their mugshots aren't posted, huh? What a friggin doofus.


You have a choice to go or not.


Own - Yes, yes, the choice was mine. It had to do with a business deal and meeting a client so I went. Very risky, I know, and totally my choice. But, a decent amount of money (a contract) was involved so I went.


Own - As far as it being a "krap neighborhood", maybe I'm just kind of partial to it because I have ex-girlfriend who lives there. She owns a nice house and a great and classy woman, lots of good memories in Ahwatukee with her. But, yes, it's kind of going down hill a bit. It's not exactly the East Valley either, kind of in between the East Valley and that dump called the West Valley where all those murders happen.


*Correction: and IS a great and classy woman.


"great and classy woman" LMAO


Third world problems. Yay.


I used to work at that intersection years ago (2000-2005) and I can tell you that the entire Ahwatukee area is in a downward spiral. It's been happening for some time. Sad to see it go.


Don't worry everyone! It was probably just our buddy TRESemmé protecting his home front from the Homeland Security libbies. Nothing to see here...


You made me laugh out loud (not LOL)!


and you make me barf out loud (not BOF)!

JF Conlon

Ha! Poor Mr 'tookee'.


Wasnt me. If it had been me shooting, there wouldnt be 4 shtbags in the hospital. I dont live in Allwhitetukee anymore. Just own property there.


Not all white for many years... seriously dark.


Hopefully another illegal bites the dust..


But you express outrage over a cat or dog being shot.


That's how insanely racist these sad people are. Someone's life is worth less than a dog to them simply because they do not look like they do. Sad and pathetic really that someone can choose to walk through life seriously lacking basic knowledge or awareness.


Illegals are not a race (its racist to generalize them that way), nor do they "look like" or "not look like" (simple bigotry) anyone in particular.

The real racists are those who always bring skin color and looks into an argument that has nothing to do with race.

I'm married to legal immigrant and I'm friends with many legal immigrants. You will not find a group in a America that has a more vociferous disdain for illegal immigrants than the legal immigrant community - a group of many races and "looks" that all strongly dislike illegal immigrants.


It's not racist to dislike criminal scum and illegal invaders. It's actually racist to ascribe racial motives to wanting peace, safety and order, since the racists think brown people are incapable of behaving well. Let me assure you, there are plenty of brown people who don't want an illegal invasion of the U.S. of A.


What's going on in Ahwatukee lately? A body found in a burned house and now this? Hey low lifes, stay out of Tukee, take your loser criminality back over to the West Valley.


‘Tukee’ Home to meth labs, human smuggling and drug houses🤮🤮🤮🤮


That comment belongs in the wazoo.


In your face which is up your wazoo.


It's always been a krap neighborhood.

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