PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A 19-year-old Tolleson woman is facing more than a dozen felony charges, including one for first-degree murder, in connection with a 2017 home invasion, and police say it was her Facebook messages that linked her to the crime.

Police arrested Cynthia Marie Loher on Monday, May 6, 2019, more than two years after the Phoenix home invasion that left one man dead and put her and two others in the hospital. Loher was 17 at the time.

[RAW VIDEO: Cynthia Loher's initial court appearance]

It happened early Sunday morning, January 29, 2017.

According to court documents, four armed men broke into a Phoenix apartment and demanded that a safe be opened and ordered the people there to give up their jewelry.

A shootout ensued. One man was killed and two women were injured. Loher later showed up to a West Valley hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. She initially told police she was walking through the complex, but detectives eventually determined that she had been inside the apartment.

The day after the shooting, police arrested a juvenile who was already on electronic monitoring. His monitoring device placed him at the crime, according to court documents. He told police that he and three other men planned the armed robbery with the help of two women who were in the apartment.

As investigators pieced together events preceding the shooting, they learned that Loher and another woman were messaging back and forth with the suspects, helping them plan the crime.

Police say after the shooting, Loher posted a Facebook status, “Got shot last night, in the hospital life done, HMU if y’ll need my info before I get locked up.” They said she also sent several people a news article about the home invasion.

Loher is now facing one count each of first-degree murder and first-degree burglary, as well as five counts of kidnapping and six counts of armed robbery.

Loher made her initial court appearance early Tuesday morning. Commissioner Harriet M. Bernick upheld a $1 million cash-only bond set for her by another judicial officer. 

"Based upon the charges and the facts listing in the Form IV, I do believe you are a danger to the community," Bernick said.

Standing with her arms tucked inside her shirt, Loher was quiet during the short proceeding.

The commissioner also addressed a grand jury warrant that had been issued for Loher for alleged car theft and drug possession.

Loher is due back in court for an arraignment hearing on the charges related to the home invasion on May 14.


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(45) comments


I came for the comments, and Mommyof3 did not disappoint! Good entertaining stuff here!


Once again Social Media is their downfall...


Too bad! Gonna miss seeing that tail around... messed up bigly! loL


She was underage at the time of the crime. She won't do any jail time. This time.


It is capital murder and yes she could (and should) be prosecuted as any other murderer.


She’ll be charged as an adult


She should get charged and jailed for the crimes she actually committed but if she didn't pull the trigger then why the murder charge! Accomplice liability laws need to be reformed in this country because they lead to authorities overreaching and abusing their power by leaving an open door to charge anyone for the actions of someone else.


You are known by the company you keep


Every law in the USA says that someone with whoever pulls the trigger is just as guilty as the actual trigger man (or woman) so yes she must be charged with first degree murder - and as adult.


Well Dean, let's hope you're never blamed for the actions of someone else. Have a good day my friend!


You couldn't be more wrong. When a group commits a horrific crime, everybody in that group needs to go down hard. With your idea, people can plan horrific crimes, then potentially get off the hook. Do the crime, do the time, no excuses.




Lock her up and throw away the key. Good riddance to her.


Look at the film. All I see is minorities clogging up the system. Thanks aclu and lawmakers and judges and lawyers for putting the rest of the law abiding taxpayers in harm's way.


A White lady is before the judge and all you see is minorities "clogging up the system"? Funny, the only one in jail garb is the criminal. Maybe the others are victims.


Home invasion robberies are amongst the worst crimes out there. Coming in armed, with numbers, literally willing to kill everybody in the house if you don't get compliance. These people need to be made an example of every single time. No room for them in a free society. They made their choice, and now it's time to pay.


I'm telling you ... Monday Night Rehabilitation ... should be a thing.


And I think the judge was completely out of line to set up bail that high. Child pedifilers and murderers do not even get a bail set that high. I think the judge was being completely ridiculous and their ruling


what's a pedifiler? Someone that files pedicures?




That is my best friend's daughter you are talking about. And I don't appreciate you saying negative stuff. You don't know her or her mom could I have known her since she was a baby and her mom since high school. And her mom did a great job and no is not proud of it Monkey Joe. She is innocent until proven guilty and everything is based on hearsay at this point. Make sure you get your facts right before you post rude comments.


OMG THAT SETTLES IT! Mommyof3 that spread her legs three times for her sluut ways has spoken.


Your best friend's daughter? No wonder you are so inane about the whole situation. SHE IS GUILTY BUT YOU WILL NOT ADMIT IT. The judge should have not allowe ANY bond for what she did.


Mom3, at this point her guilt or innocence isn't the question. The question you should be asking is can she get a very good defense attorney. No it's not over yet, but without a great defense team, it might as well be.


What's "Facebook??"


The real crime here is that it will take 10 years to convict her then she will be sentenced with 30 years in prison, of which she will spend MAYBE 10 before she is released. Instead she should be convicted and executed within a year.


At this point it is just hearsay and I think it is very inconsiderate of you to judge people that you do not know. You are going based off of a report and do not know what really happened. So how can you even comment?


people can comment however they please....from what the evidence shows shes done,and your making a complete fool of yourself...which is probably nothing new to you


It clearly states that she did not pull the trigger she does not have a weapon on her at the time so how can you be charged for murder when she did not shoot or fire a weapon that caused the guy to be dead? As far as the other chargers I'm not sure about but I know they cannot get her on murder charges because she did not physically pull the trigger that killed the guy.


Because this is the USA and we have Freedom of Speech. Are you even here legally?


You obviously know NOTHING about the law. As another person said you must not be a legal resident or you would know that anyone involved in a crime is just as guilty as the person "who pulled the trigger" Or maybe you are her mother and your innocent little girl could do nothing wrong?


Actually I was born and raised here. I know I am not her mother but I am her one of her mother's best friends and I believe everybody is innocent until proven guilty. And I have always believed that.


Lovely. Parents must be so proud of their little girl. Lose the key...


She has been doing great the past two years I am pretty sure she is being framed for most of it. I talked with her mom today and she is completely devastated over this and I'm not sure why they are bringing it up two years later after the criminal has already been arrested for the crime. Which is why I'm pretty sure she is being framed. As far as the other charges I can't say if she did or did not do those but as far as the first charges I'm pretty sure she did not do it


"im pretty sure she didnt do it".."..pretty sure shes being framed"(for most of it)...what?...for most of it?? she did do some of what your saying basically..nice


The article also clearly states that she did not pull a trigger she did not have a concealed weapon on her therefore how can they charge her for murder when she did not kill anybody whether it was premeditated or not she did not pull the trigger and she did not kill the victim. I don't know about the other stuff but I know as far as her murder charges goes she did not pull the trigger she did not murder anybody. From what the article says it looks as if they had gotten they're not planning on killing anybody


The law says if your involved in a crime that results in a death you are criminally liable for that death weather you committed that death or not


Dbreath - There's another rule that says there's only one way you get "D" breath.


Daddy Dummy anal saxon good morning to you to hitler did you burn your crosses last night or were you too busy cruising the park playgrounds looking for your next child victim


Djamz You are correct and unfortunately that's how the laws works which is why the criminal justice system needs reform. Not saying she is innocent but often many times innocent individuals go to prison because of the actions of someone else. I know because I've personally seen it happen.


I'm not a lawyer so now I don't know all the laws and stipulations I just know I don't like people trashing my niece especially when nobody knows her


Or she's a psychotic little female dog without a conscious.


You are absolutely delusional. When a group of people commit a robbery that leads to a murder, all those involved are on the hook, not just the one who pulled the trigger. I don't care if she's been Mary Poppins for the last 2 years, if she's guilty, she needs to spend decades in prison. No excuses.


If she is being "framed" she "framed" herself by PLANNING the assault and murder. The only person planning the attack with another woman (was it you?) was her and that is not being framed.

Big Rich

Time to fire up 'Ole Sparky! LOL! Fry her!

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