CASA GRANDE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The FAA says a skydiving instructor was killed during a tandem jump near Casa Grande on Friday.

A female student was also injured during the in the accident. She was taken to the hospital but her condition is not known.

[WATCH: Radio traffic after skydiving jump goes wrong near Casa Grande]

According to Ian Gregor, communications manager for the FAA Pacific Division, a FAA safety inspector was sent to the accident site Friday afternoon to investigate what happened.

"The FAA's skydiving accident investigations typically focus on whether the instructor was properly certificated [sic] and whether the parachutes were properly packed by the appropriate person," Gregor said in a statement.

Phoenix Skydive Center confirmed on Monday that the accident is connected to their school. 

Air traffic control audio showed the pilot radioing in when he knew something was wrong. 

"Uh...airplane on final. We lost the skydivers somewhere northeast of the air field. Haven't been able to find them," you can hear the pilot say over the call. 

"Unable to locate them on the ground. Wondering if any airplanes in the area could fly over there and see if you see a chute on the ground somewhere?" the pilot said. 

The FAA did not say what went wrong, but the pilot radioed that he noticed something about the parachute. 

"I know it was open early. I don't know what condition it was in on the way down," he said. 

At that point planes began searching where the wind may have taken them. 

"The chute deployed at 9,000 feet and so the wind drifted. It'd be just northeast somewhere," the pilot said. 

Other pilots changed their routes to help. 

"I can go over there on my way back up to Chandler," said one pilot. 

"Okay we appreciate it. They may be injured," the pilot of the plane they jumped from said. 

The identity of the male instructor has not been released. He is from out of the country, according to Phoenix Skydive Center. 

The jump aircraft was a Cessna 182H, tail number N2379X.


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(12) comments


My niece and I did a tandem skydive at this airfield on June 9, my second, her first, a gift from me. All these comments about the dead and injured being somehow mentally impaired are a blithely injurious and hateful response to an accident where life was lost. When someone is hurt or dies in, say, a theme park thrill ride (like a roller coaster or water slide), people don't generally respond by calling the participants stupid or implying that they got what they deserved, why do so with a skydive? People "jump out of a perfectly good airplane" for the same reasons they bungee jump or go on carnival rides---the thrill. I did it, I loved it, and will do it again. Respond to me, go ahead...


omeo - You're obviously new here so I'll help clue you in. I'm quite certain most people here would be just as derisive and crass toward someone dying in a bungee jump wreck (haven't read a cool story about one of those in awhile...let us know if you hear about one.) No one is criticizing your choice to engage in any of those activities, but just like you we reserve the right to express our opinion - you don't have to like it or even read it.


wow obeylaws you are one obnoxious moron


I can think of no valid reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. RIP whomever you are...


He who jumps from plane , fall to ground. Say Great American Confused Some.[ohmy]


If we were supposed to fly we would have evolved with feathers... Dumb a-sses stay on the ground


How's the old saying go about the lunacy of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane??


That is what I kept telling my son who was in the 82nd Airborne. He had over 100 jumps before he transferred to a Ranger Battalion.


Dean - Yes, thank goodness for people like your son with blind obedience and more brawn than brains who are willing to serve. Tell him I said thank you! That said, even your son with his diminished capacities will agree that there's a big difference between jumping in defense of your country and parachuting into Case Grande just to get your jollies...


I think it's something like "Driving in your car is over 18 times more fatal than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane (with a parachute)." Although it might be "Bees, Wasps, and Hornets are far likelier to kill you than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane." Insert "Obesity-induced heart disease," "Bees, Wasps, and Hornets," "Your pet dog," "Motorcycling," "Bicycling," or "Going to a dance club." and you'll still get the same result. Perhaps a little compassion rather than making fun of the departed would be in better taste. BSBD


By the way you jerk, my son graduated with honors from college and simply wanted to serve his country, as I and his grandfather and more in our family did, to protect axes like you so you can make your inane comments.


I said tell him thank you. Sheesh, some people just can't handle gratitude...

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