PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - There's always a lot of chaos after Christmas at Sky Harbor Airport with all the cars and vans dropping off passengers to catch flights.

But shuttle bus driver Nate Roberts said what he witnessed at Terminal 4 Wednesday night was absolutely heartbreaking, when an Uber driver smashed into one of his passengers, then backed up and ran her over again.

"I just think of my grandmother," said Roberts. "If that were to happen, just horrible."

Roberts said that he had just brought the 71-year-old victim and her husband to the south side of Terminal 4, and was helping them with their luggage, when the woman started walking to the curb.

That's when he saw an Uber car zoom up and run the woman down.

"When she first got hit, she was up on the hood, and I just went 'Oh my God' and everyone turned around to look."

Phoenix police reported that the Uber driver had accidentally gotten out of his vehicle without putting the car in park, and that's what caused the initial accident.

But Roberts isn't convinced, considering the force of the impact and the fact the woman seemed to be carried a long way before the vehicle came to a stop.

"If you're parked, and you just let your feet off the brake, the car is going to roll slow," said Roberts. "He was going way too fast. The driver did say he hit gas instead of the brake, and maybe that happened, and he jumped in and just floored it, but when she was initially hit, that was way too fast."

Roberts also can't understand why the Uber driver backed up after the first collision, hit another car and then moved forward and struck the woman again.

The victim's husband did his best to keep his wife calm until paramedics arrived, according to Roberts.

"He actually laid [sic] down on the ground with her," said Roberts.

The name of the victim has not been released.

Phoenix police are reviewing the case to determine whether the Uber driver will face criminal charges.

Jason Barry is best known for his Dirty Dining Report which airs Fridays at 6:30 p.m. on CBS 5.  He is also the storyteller behind CBS 5's Pay It Forward which airs every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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Jason Barry is a nine-time Rocky Mountain Emmy Award winner who is best known for his weekly Dirty Dining reports highlighting local restaurants with major health code violations.

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Ah, the joys of unregulated free market capitalism.


sfr8 perhaps you would much better enjoy the intricacies and nuances of a Soviet gulag.

JF Conlon

Why do these comments end up as either/or, black or white? Deregulating EVERYthing (like air traffic controllers) is dumb. Regulating everything never works (building walls between countries). Seems to me that taxi drivers in Phx need some ground rules because of new "tech" and the use of cabs instead of a Dial-A-Ride system for the disabled/elderly.


How about just regulating the sh*t that needs to be regulated, like Uber?


Yeah because taxi drivers are such careful, conscientious, and skilled drivers.


I'd trust a unionized taxi driver any day over some overworked schmoe who's driving as a side gig.

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