PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The Phoenix Police Department released edited body-camera video of the shooting that took the life Phoenix Police Cmdr. Greg Carnicle back in March.

In the video released on Thursday, Phoenix Sgt. Mercedes Fortune gives a play-by-play about what happened at the home near 43rd Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road. Officers were trying to get 22-year-old Jacob McIlveen out of the home following a fight between him and his roommate. It took officers 20 minutes to get McIlveen to open his bedroom door as they tried to convince him he wasn't in trouble and to get him out of the house.

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“We're just here to make sure nobody fights with anybody and that you leave and you're on your way and then we're out of here, that's all," officers said in the video.

“Are you telling me the truth?" asked McIlveen.

“I promise you. You have my word," officers replied.

McIlveen kept delaying leaving by doing things like getting a drink and asking questions that didn't make sense, Fortune said. This continues for about another half an hour as the officers move toward the front door. The officers go outside and expect McIlveen to follow but he doesn't. He closes the door and locks out the officers.

More officers arrived at the house, including Carnicle. The other roommate was hiding and was still inside the house. He throws house keys to officers to let them back inside. Officers unlocked the door and pushed through the furniture that had been blocking the door. Officer Alicia Hubert then tried to get McIlveen to come down from the second floor.

“I can't meet you out in the garage. So it's either you come down or we come up. I was trying to make you feel more comfortable," Officer Hubert told McIlveen.

McIlveen then asks for her boss. That's when Carnicle tries to get McIlveen to come down.

“So are you coming down or not? It's a yes or no?" Carnicle asked.

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That's when Carnicle starts to move up the stairs, followed by Hubert and Officer Marissa Dowhan. McIlveen then opened fire on all three, police said. All three of them were hit and were taken to the hospital, where Carnicle later died. Officers Dowhan and Hubert were released days later.

The other roommate was able to escape the house safely. Hours later, after trying multiple ways to get McIlveen out of the house, he slid out of a window with a gun, police said. That's when an officer shot and killed him.

Again, the body-camera video was edited by the Phoenix Police Department. We have asked for the full unedited version of the video.


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