PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- It was a high-profile murder case that made national news.

A beautiful young woman, Jodi Arias, was found guilty of killing her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander at his Mesa home in 2008.

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Alexander was stabbed nearly 30 times. His throat was slashed, and he was shot in the head.

Arias was sentenced to life in prison in 2015.

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On Thursday, attorneys for Arias asked the Arizona Court of Appeals to throw out her murder conviction based on pervasive misconduct by prosecutor Juan Martinez and the judge's failure to control news coverage of the case.

Martinez reportedly disregarded court rulings, improperly questioned witnesses, and had a sexual relationship with a blogger to dig up dirt on a juror.

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Phoenix attorney Monica Lindstrom covered the Arias trial from beginning to end and was in the courtroom Thursday.

"It's all about due process, and the whole question is, 'Did Arias receive a fair trial?'" Lindstrom said. "If the jury didn't hear most of what was going on, then the state argues, how can there not be a fair trial because the jury didn't hear it and they are the ones making the decision."

Court blogger Mikal Dillon was also in the courtroom for the Arias murder trial and followed every day of testimony

She said there was clear and convincing evidence to prove Arias' guilt, and nothing the prosecutor did would have changed that.

"I was here for three years, and I did a live blog," Dillon said. "I understand everything, and she got what she deserved. She admitted it. Period. She doesn't deserve a new trial."

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Arias was not in the courtroom on Thursday.

A decision could come in the next few days or the next few months.

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