BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The family of a murdered Buckeye grandmother feels betrayed by a woman they've known for years.

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Roxanne Lararmart, 29, is accused of killing 69-year-old Sally Haese with a box cutter and hammer early Monday morning. She was arrested Tuesday at a mobile home park in Buckeye, about a mile away from the murder scene.

Haese leaves behind four adult children, 11 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, according to her daughter Patricia Crownover.

Crownover is frustrated and struggling to understand what could've set off Laramart who the family has known for years, well before Lararmart became homeless and started living on the streets.

"We have more hate and anger than we are in shock," said Crownover, who explained Lararmart used to be good friends with her daughter. "I don't understand why she would do this, because we tried to help her so much."

Crownover's son and Haese' adult grandson, Patrick Stevens, described his grandmother as the "one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet."

As for the suspect, Stevens explained, "She was normal, sane and then she started doing drugs."

According to court paperwork, Lararmart claimed Haese had molested a child. Lararmart also claimed she was "trying to do the right thing" and, "God told her to do it."

Haese's family called the child molestation allegation a lie.

"We do not have a disclosure from any victims or details of any crimes against children, but we will be looking into any allegations made by the suspect," said Donna Rossi with the Buckeye Police Department in an emailed statement.

"She thinks she talks to God. She says God tells her to do everything," explained Stevens. "I'm shocked, confused, hurt."

He said his grandmother, who lived with three other roommates, had let Lararmart into her home.

"Once in a while, they'd let her (Lararmart) shower, eat there and stuff, but she didn't live or stay there," he said.

He explained the two women aren't close and can't understand what went wrong.

"They really didn't have a history, good or bad. They just kinda stayed out of each other's way I guess you could say," he explained. "Longtime family friend, she needed help. My grandmother would help anybody."

"She's helped so many people in her lifetime. She didn't deserve what happened to her," said Stevens.

Lararmart's friend, Alicia Parker, said she turned Lararmart into police when she showed up at her doorstep.

"She showed up here and my husband told her, 'You can't be here. They're looking for you,' and she said, 'Call them.' And she sat down on the porch and waited for them to get here," said Parker.

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She's not surprised Lararmart had told police God made her do it.

"She usually has a Bible that she keeps in her pocket with a highlighter and whenever she starts getting overwhelmed or something starts getting to be too much, she'll go read for a little while and comes back until she feels better," Parker explained. "The Bible and God are a big part of her life so that makes it that more difficult to understand why all this is happening to her because I never seen (sic) it coming."


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